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RUARK - BIO:  William F. (Miner and Farmer) b: 1854 Missouri L: Washington State
RUBI - PWP:  Rubi-Garduno Family Genealogy
RUBY - BIO:  William H. (VP coal company) b: 1887 L: West Virginia
RUDOLF / RUDOLPH - COM:  Rudolph Surname results (Obituary Daily Times)
RUNKLE - PWP:  The Adam Runkle Family Home Page (New Jersey)
RUPERT - BIO:  Robert (Prince of Bavaria) b: 1619 d: 1682
RUPPELL - COM:  Ruppell Family Genealogy Forum
RURY - PWP:  Rury Homepage (Kenneth & Janelle)

rush — — — (r200)
  • COM - Rush Family Genealogy Forum
  • PWP - My Family Tree, Leonard Rush, B: 1773

  • rusher — — — (r260)
  • COM - Rusher Family Genealogy Forum
  • BLOG - Tara Lynn Bow (nee Rusher)
  • PWP - Velma Crews (nee Rusher)

  • RUSHTON - BIO:  William James III (Insurance Official) b: 1929 Alabama

    russell — — — (r240)
  • BIO - Kurt (Movie Actor) b: 1951 Massachusetts L: California
  • BIO - Benjamin (CEO, Russell Lands, Inc.) b: 1938 Alabama L: Alabama
  • Genealogy.com - Site-inclusive search for this name or Surname

  • RUSSO - BIO:  Giacomo, Grand Prix Driver b:1937 Italy
    RUST - COM:  Rust Surname search results (WikiTree)
    RUTH - BIO:  George Herman ("Babe") Jr., 1895-1948
    RUTHEMEYER - COM:  Ruthemeyer Surname search results (Database of Brandecht Families)
    RUTHERFORD - PWP:  The Two Lydia Rutherfords
    RUTLAND - PWP:  Genealogy Records of Robert Powell Carver on Rutland, and others
    RUTLEDGE - PWP:  The Rutledge Family Association
    RUTTER - COM:  Rutter Family Genealogy Forum
    RUTZ - PWP:  Welcome to the Rutz Family Homepage

    ryan — — — (r500)
  • COM - Ryan Family Genealogy Forum
  • PWP - Anne Marie Black Ryan Genealogy Page

  • RYCKEWAERT - COM:  Ryckewaert Family History ($$$$$)
    RYDER - PWP:  Matthew Martin Ryder's Genealogy Page
    RYE - COM:  Rye Family Genealogy Forum
    RYERSON - PWP:  My Ryerson Family Ancestral Line, Jack Mount's Genealogy
    RYLAND - PWP:  Merrell DNA and Genealogy, researching Elizabeth Ryland. (main website:
    RYLE - COM:  Ryle Family Genealogy Forum

    RZEPKA - PWP:  Rzepka Family Home Page - The saga of Thomas & Theresa

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