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FLACK - BIB REC:  Flack Bible (North Carolina and Kentucky, 1761-1840)
FLAHERTY - COM:  Flaherty Family Genealogy Forum
FLANAGAN - PWP:  Flanagin, Ireland, Canada, New York
FLAVEL - PWP:  Welcome to the F(l)avel-l-e Mailing List Homepage!
FLEISCH - PWP:  The Fleisch and Probst Families
FLEISHMAN - COM:  Family Genealogy Forum

fleming — — — (f455)
  • Spelling Variants (unresearched). Send information
  • BIO - Peggy Gale (Figure skater, Olympic athlete) b: 1948, California L: California
  • COM - Fleming Family Genealogy Forum (All Messages)

  • FLESHER - COM:  Flesher Family Genealogy Forum

    fletcher — — — (f432)
  • BIB REC - Fletcher Bible (Tennessee, Texas and Kentucky, 1842-1920)
  • BIO - Harry B. (Farmer) b: 1856 Iowa L: Washington State

  • Fli                        
    FLICK - PWP:  Berks, Buck's and Northampton County Ancestors, researching Flick
    FLINN - BIO:  Peter J., merchant b: 1841 New York L: New York
    FLINT - PWP:  Descendants of George III Flint, England to Ontario, Canada
    FLINTHAM - COM:  Flintham Family Genealogy Forum

    FLOOD - PWP:  Flood Genealogy
    FLORENTINO - COM:  Florentino Family Genealogy Forum
    FLORIANO - PWP:  Floriano Family
    FLORIN - BIO:  David (Farmer) b: 1825 Farmer L: Washington State

    flory — — — (f460)
  • Spelling Variants (Flory, Flora, Florey, Florea, Flori, Flory).
  • PWP - (A History Of The Flory Family, 1682-present)
  • PWP - (Flory/Flora/Florey/Florea/Flori Genealogy)

  • floyd — — — (f430)
  • Spelling Variants (Floid, Floyd). Send information
          - - - - Personal Web Site Listings (random order) - - -
  • PWP - Floyd-Kane Home Page, researching Floyd, et al.
  • PWP/DNA - Floyd DNA Project
  • PWP - Freeman Crosby's Web Page, researching Floyd, et al.
          - - - - Other Web Site Listings (random order) - - -
  • BIO - Arthur "Pretty Boy" (Lifelong Criminal) b: 1904 Georgia d: 1934 Ohio
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  • Surname - (origins, roots & meanings)
    Root — Welsh
    Meaning — variant of Lloyd, descriptive nickname from Welsh llwyd, 'gray'. In Welsh the color term llwyd also includes shades of brown, and it is likely that, when used with reference to younger men, llwyd denoted brown or mouse-colored hair.
  • Cousin Connect.com - Internet Resources for this name or Surname
  • Distant Cousin.com - Database Search
  • Genealogy.com - Site-inclusive search for this name or Surname
  • Broken Branches (Seeking Surnames)
  • State Cemetery Listings (Choose your State(s))

  • FLOWER - BIO:  Sidney E. (Indian Fighter) b: 1843 Massachusetts L: Alaska

    FLUDGATE - PWP:  A tale of two cities: The Fludgate family of London and Dublin
    FLUHART - BIB REC:  Fluhart Bible (Canada and New York, 1868-1999)

    FLYNT - PWP:  The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives, researching Flint

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