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Daa - Daz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Dacklin Dackombe Dacon Dacy Dade Daglish Dahl Daisch/Daish Dake Dakin Dale Dallam Dalton Daly Dalzell(Delzell) Dame Damon D'Amore Dancer Danenhower Dangerfield Daniel Daniels Danker Danner Darby Dare Dark Darling Darnall(/Darnell) Darou Darrow Darveau Darway Dasher Dauernheim Daughters Daughtery Davenport Davidson Davie Davies Davis Dawell Dawley Dawson Day Dayton

Dea - Dez   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Deacon Deal Dealer Dean(e) Deaton Decent Decker DeClercq DeCourcy Dedrick DeForest Degan DeHart Delaney Delano DeLap Delchamps Delgado DeLuca Delzell(Dalzell) DeMill Demler Demske Dengler Denham Denison Denke Dennis Dennison Denos Dent Denton Denver(/Denvir/Denvers) Depenbrock DePaola Depew Depp Derby Derifield DeRose Derrick Derwacter Desaulles Deshazo Deslande Desmond Dettor Detwiler Deveney Devine Devore DeVries Dewar DeWett Dewey DeWett DeWitt DeWolf Dexheimer Dexter

Dia - Diz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Dial Dick Dickerson Dickinson Diebold Diehl Diener Dietrich Dilges Dill Dillard Dilley Dillinger Dillingham Dillon Dillow Dills Dinger Disbrow Dismore Disney Ditson Dittmar Dix Dixon

Doa - Doz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Doak Dobe Dobie Dobrzynski Dockery Doctor Dodd Dodge Dodkins Doheny Dolder Dole Dollinger Dolson Domanski Dominick Donaghe Donelson Donnelly(/Doneely/O'Donnelly) Donner Doolittle Dorgan Dorminey Dorrill Dorsey Doss Dotson Dougherty Dow Dowden Dowdy Downer Downing

Dra - Drz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Dragoo Drake Dresch Drew Drinks Drinkwater Driscoll Drumheller Drury Dryer

Dua - Duz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

DuBois Dubree Duchene Duchscher Duckett(/Ducat/Duckitt/Duggett/Duket) Duckworth Dudley Due Duerden Duesenberry Duff Duffy Dugas Duggan Duignan(/Dignan/Degnan) Duke Dulaney Dumas Dunavant Dunaway Dunbar Duncan Dungan Dunham Dunlop Dunmire Dunn Dunnam Dunster Dupuis Durden Durieux Durocher Durrant Durrenberger Duryea Dustin Desing Dutton Duty Duvall

Dwa - Dwz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Dworak Dworschak Dwyer

Dya - Dyz   — Surnames listed                                                    Updated for:  Sep 8, 2014

Dye Dyer Dyess Dyke Dyson

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