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ROGER   m   English, French
Pronounced: RAW-jur
        Means "famous spear" from the Germanic elements hrod, "fame" and ger, "spear". The Normans introduced this name to Britain, where it replaced the Old English cognate Hroİgar. The name belonged to a Norman lord who conquered Sicily from the Arabs in the 11th century. His son, Roger II, ruled Sicily as a king.
Variants: Rogerio-Portuguese / Nicknames: Roge, Hodge, Rod
RONALD   m   Scottish, English
Pronounced: RAWN-ald, RAWN-auld
        Scottish form of RAGNVALD, a name introduced to Scotland by Scandinavian settlers and invaders.
Variants: Ronaldo-Portuguese, Spanish / feminine forms: Ronnette-English / Ronalda-Scottish or English / Nicknames: Ron, Ronnie, Ronny, Naldo, (Rawn is also a pet form for Veronica.
ROY   m   Scottish, English
Pronounced: ROI
        From the Gaelic word for "red", ruadh.
Variants: - No other variations / Nicknames: None known

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