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NANCY   f   English
Pronounced: NAN-see, NAN-c
        see Ann
Variants: - Pet form of Ann (see Ann & variatiations) / Nicknames: Nan, Nannie, Nanny
NATHAN   m   English, Biblical
Pronounced: NAY-than
        From the Hebrew root "giver". In the Old Testament this is the name of a prophet and also a son of King David. This name can also function as a shortened form of JONATHAN or NATHANAEL. Other forms are listed below.
Variants: Nat-English / Natan-Hebrew / Natanaele-Italian/ Nicknames: Nate
NATHANAEL   m   Biblical, English, Scandinavian
Pronounced: nay-THAN-ee-el, nay-THAN-yel
        From the Hebrew name Nethane'el which meant "God has given". In the New Testament this is the name of an apostle also known as Bartholomew.
Variants: see Nathan and Nathaniel / Nicknames: see Nathan and Nathaniel
NATHANIEL   m   English, Biblical
Pronounced: nay-THAN-ee-el, nay-THAN-yel
        Form of NATHANAEL used in the some versions of the New Testament.
Variants: see Nathan and Nathanael / Nicknames: Nathan, Nate, Nat, Natty, Than

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