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AARON   m   English, Polish, Biblical
Pronounced: AIR-on, or ER-awn
        Most likely of unknown Egyptian origin. Some other etymologies theorized are: "high mountain" or "exalted" from Hebrew. In the Old Testament Aaron was the brother of Moses and the first priest.
Variants: AARÓN - Spanish form of AARON - Nicknames: Ary
ABAGAIL   f   English, German, Biblical
Pronounced: AB-i-gayl
        "father's joy" from the Hebrew name Abigayil. This was the name of a wife of king David in the Old Testament.
Variants: ABIGAYLE - f   English (Modern); ABEGAIL - Spanish form of ABAGAIL; APIKALIA - Hawaiian form of ABAGAIL; Nicknames: Abby, Nabby, Gail
ADELAIDE   f   English
Pronounced: AD-el-ayd
        From the Germanic name Adalheidis which was composed of the elements adal "noble" and heid "kind, sort, type". This was the name of the wife of Otto the Great, and also the wife of King William IV of England. Other form is also from the English: Adela.
Variants: Adelheid-German, Dutch, Scandinavian / Adèle-French-form of Adela / Adelina-Italian, Portugese, Spanish (pet forms) / Adeline-English, French (pet forms) / Adelle-English (variant) / Adélaïde-French / Nicknames: Addy, Adele, Dell, Della, Heidi, Lide
AGATHA   f   English
Pronounced: AG-a-tha
        Derived from the Greek adjective agathos meaning "good". Saint Agatha was a 3rd-century martyr from Sicily. After spurning the advances of a Roman official she was tortured and mutilated before being killed.
Variants: Agata-Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovene, Russian / Agathangelos-Greek / Agathe-French, German, Greek, Ancient Greek / Nicknames: Aggy
ALBERT   m   English, French
Pronounced: AL-burt
        "bright nobility" from the Germanic name Adalbrecht, composed of the elements adal "noble" and beraht "bright". It was introduced to England by the Normans. This name, in its various forms, has belonged to kings of Belgium and Germany, as well as others among European royalty. Other famous bearers include the physicist Albert Einstein, creator of the theory of relativity, and Albert Camus, a French-Algerian writer and philosopher.
Variants: - Alberta, f-English / Albertina, f-Italian, German, Portugese, English / Albertine, f-French / Alberto, m-Italian, Spanish, Portuguese / Albrecht, m-German / Nicknames: Al, Bert, Elbert, Beto-Spanish, Berto-Italian Note: Albert may also be the nickname for Adelbert
ALEXANDER   m   English, German, Dutch
Pronounced:al-eg-ZAN-dur, al-eg-ZAN-der
        From the Greek name Alexandros, which meant "defending men" from Greek alexein "to defend, help" and aner "man" (genitive andros). Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, is the most famous bearer of this name. In the 4th century BC he built a huge empire out of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and parts of India. This was also the name of emperors of Russia, kings of Scotland and Yugoslavia, and eight popes.
Variants: - Aleksandr, Russian / Alexandr, Czech / Alessandero, Italian / Aleksandteri, Finnish / Aleksandro, Esperanto / Aleksander, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak / Alexandru, Romanian / Alejandro, Spanish / Nicknames: Al, Alastair, Alex, Eleck, Alisdair, Alistair, Sandy, Zan
AMY   f   English
        Derived from Old French aimáe meaning "beloved".
Variants: None known / Nicknames: None known
ANN   f   English
        English form of ANNE. * Ann is sometimes a nickname for Antoinette, Christiana, Roseanne, etc.
Variants: - Nicknames: Annie, Nan, Nanny, Nana, Nancy
ANNE   f   French, English, German
Pronounced:AN, AN-E
        French, English and German form of HANNAH (see Hannah). This is the name traditionally assigned to the mother of the Virgin Mary, though she is not mentioned in the Bible.
Variants: - Nicknames: Annie, Nan, Nanny, Nana, Nancy

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