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Our ancestors often used the following naming procedure when picking out a name for a new child. This explains why certain names are VERY common in a given family line. Watching for these patterns can help in your genealogy research.

1st son
2nd son
3rd son
4th son
5th son

1st dau
2nd dau
3rd dau
4th dau
5th dau
father's father
mother's father
father's oldest brother
father's 2nd oldest brother or mother's oldest brother

mother's mother
father's mother
mother's oldest sister
mother's 2nd oldest sister or father's oldest sister

* When you tell us about your Surname(s) quest, by posting your Surnames on our Message Board, we will gladly set out to find as many listings, within time, for your particular SURNAME(S). If you wish, we will also be happy to provide you with your own Ancestors listing.
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