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Boyer, C. G. —   4 generations Boyer Henderson Lanford Olive Postum Walker Whitson Williams
Dietrich, J. M. — 10 generations
      1923 - 1625
Augst Bald Becker Biwer Dietrich Duchscher Dumont Finsterwald Geimer Ginter Gruss Henry Jacquemin Juergens Kamann Koenn Meiser Mercker Mueck Mueller Nofeller Noss Reinold Scherman Sommer Stemmler Velten Voltz Weber Westrich Widemann Wittmer Wolf
Drinks, D. A. —   5 generations
      19xx - 1807
Crowe Drinks Morrison Slawson
Eby, J. A. —   4 generations Brubacher Eby Kilmer Mikowski
Edgerton, J. —   4 generations DaGuerre Edgerton Gresham Gunter Moore Noble
Glasgow, S. B.
—   4 generations
Beauchamp Bowden Glasgow Hitch Lewis Niblett Ruark Waller
Grant, C. V.
—   4 generations Ackerman Chickering Fitzgerald Grant Joy Kimball Ricker Wright
Hansen, C. M.
—   4 generations
Dillingham Hansen Hellenbolt Hert Jorgensen Kelly Mikkelsen Travis Vanderpool
Huber, M. L. —   9 generations
      1923 - 16??
Albrecht Bareiter Boxler Buehler Hinterseder Huber Kessler Leitz Leser Lutz Schmid Struebel Thoma Unverdorf Veit Versal Wassman Widemann
Jackson, S. L.
—   3 generations
Jackson Quilla Scott
Jones, S. M.
—   4 generations
Apple Jones Leitz Powers Sapp Streibel Veit Wassmann
Roberts, L. W. —   7 generations
      1938 - 1757
Allen Boyer Burris Curr(e)y Forbush H(a/e)nkins H(o/u)ggard Olive Roberts Shakelford Whitson Williams
Ross, E. R. —   8 generations
      19xx - 1695
Aanonsen Andersdatter Albrecht Biornsdatter Christophersdatter Eriksdatter Gunvaldsdatter Gunvaldsen Halvorsen Hansen Haraldsen Jacobsen Jensen Jensdatter Jonsdatter Knutsdatter Larsdatter Liesner MacKenzie Martinson Matheson McKenzie Mortensen Nelson Nilsdatter Nilsen Oldsdatter Olsdatter Olsen Pedersdatter Pedersen Rejorsen Ross Sigvaldsen Sivertsen Sjursen Stiansdatter Steensdatter Stiansen Tallaksdatter Thorgrimsen Torjesdatter
Sanderson, R. F. —   4 generations Chappell Farrand Garvin Joy Phillips Sanderson Slater Yeaton
Schraenkler, D. D.
—   7 generations
Bechtel Dempsey Donnelly Finn(2) Folts Fox Lawton McDonald Reiss Schepley Schraenkler Sprague Williams Zeiner
Schwaegerle, J. G.
—   4 generations
Brancamp Gellhaus Hesselbrock Rolfes Schroer Schwaegerle Trautman Wolterman
Vanderman, V. A.
—   5 generations
      19xx - 1805
Allen Baudermann Brimson Evingham Fritze Gaines Hemmer Lucking Merys Vanderman Winship
Weiler, J.
—   6 generations
      19xx - 1760
Baker Diehl Evans Gates Griesemer Kreidler Jacobi Kuhnell Neudorfer Owen Prichard Weiler Woerdemann
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Ancestral Portraits, Remembrances & History
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Albert Kimes

Peter Grant

Ross Croft
—   abt 1938

—   abt 1631

—   abt 1675
What's an East Texas Oilman Doing in Maracaibo?... (to read more - click on the link)

Peter was born somewhere in Scotland about 1631. Research seems to settle on somewhere near Inverness... (to read more - click on the link)

A Croft is the home of Tenant farmer -- usually a very humble dwelling. The Crofts on the west side of Ross-shire across from the Isle of Skye were often made of peat squares... (to read more - click on the link)

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