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Peter Grant

        This is a short story of my first Grant ancestor, Peter Grant.

        Peter was born somewhere in Scotland about 1631. Research seems to settle on somewhere near Inverness. That could make it in several spots, Glen Morriston or the Spey Valley.These two areas are the only ones that I would consider as being "near Inverness."

        The area that I think he could have been from is the Spey Valley. This is the stronghold of the Presbyterian Grants.

        I have ruled out Glen Morriston as Peter was captured when fighting Oliver Cromwell's troops on the side of the Cavaliers at the Battle of Dunbar. Just before the battle the church soldiers convinced General David Leslie to send some of the troops home as they were of the Catholic faith and therefore were considered "heathen" to the Presbyterians. Peter was captured with the troops so he therefore wasn't Catholic and therefore not from Glen Morriston.

        Of those many were returned home. Some who were probably determined to be most likely to rebel again were forced to march about 100 miles to Durham, England. They were housed in the great cathedral there. Many had died on the way and of those that did survive many were ill. They were poorly fed.The healthiest were shipped to the colonies to be indentured.

        One hundred and fifty of these men were shipped on the Unity to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and were indentured mainly to the Saugus Iron Works there. Before they could completely work off their indenture, the Iron Works fell upon hard times and was closed.

        Some of the men working there were indentured to some of the town people. Others went with John Mason to New Hampshire and Maine to finish their time by working for him at a settlement where they built a sawmill. Peter was one of these men.

        He must have gained his freedom because he is found on the tax rolls in Dover and Durham in 1659. Later records show him buying land in Kittery, Maine. Part of this town was set off as part of another settlement, Berwick, Maine. He must have been good at what he did because he seemed to have a lot of land that was divided among his sons when he died.

- Carol Sanderson, GGGGGGG Grandaughter of Peter Grant.

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