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               May, 2014

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  Podcasts To Expand Your Genealogy World
  — by Jenna Mills

     I've expressed my enjoyment of podcasts many times. Podcasts are so mobile that I'm not tied to a device or operating system. You can listen via a PC, a tablet and your phone. Anywhere you have WiFi (unless you download episodes then you don't even need WiFi) you can listen.

     There are more podcast options out there than ever before. If you haven't taken a listen lately, you may want to give one of these a try.

The Genealogy Professional Podcast - Hosted by Marian Pierre-Louis:

     This is a topic specific podcast featuring interviews with professional genealogists.

Geneatopia - Hosted by Patty Roy:

     Ieneatopia is a genealogy news podcast. Patty keeps listeners up-to-date with the latest news in the genealogy world.

Research At The National Archives and Beyond - Hosted by Bernice Bennett:

     This podcast has in-depth episodes with guests that are knowledgeable in various topics. The episodes are a great way to expand your research horizons.

Genealogy Gems - Hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke:

     Lisa has free and premium podcasts versions with topics that range from tech tips, to interviews to great stories told through listener submitted emails.

     If you want to take a quick listen, here are a couple recommendations of exceptionally good episodes from various podcasts in my feed. Enjoy!

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