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In general, permission to copy or disseminate GHLL materials, either print or electronic, is granted if the following conditions are met:

* copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage;
* the GHLL copyright and its date appear on the reproduced materials;
* the GHLL web site address is listed as a link in any print or electronic media;
* notice is given that copying is by express permission of GHLL and, or it's Author(s).


Please note: Not all information on this web site has been created or is owned by GHLL.

If you wish to use any non-GHLL material, you must seek permission directly from the owning or holding source(s) or person(s).


* Authors, Contributors and Presenters retain the copyright to their intellectual content, with GHLL owning the copyright to the presentation of such content, and with the right to edit said material to meet GHLL standards, whether as a journal article, a book, or a monograph, or in any other form appearing on GHLL web site pages;

* Authors, Contributors and Presenters retain the right to publish their material elsewhere, in other distribution forms, be it electronic, or written;

* Authors, Contributors and Presenters may provide individual permission for any other use of said material by any other individual(s) at the Author(s) discretion;


Any work created by GHLL or it's Contributors, for use on GHLL Web pages, is copyrighted by GHLL using its stated copyrighted presentation rights. Such works include, but are not limited to, textual materials, graphics, and photographic images.

These pages may also contain material in which the copyright is held by the creator or someone to whom he/she has assigned the copyright. Use of these materials is limited to personal study, teaching and research. They may not be reproduced in multiple copies or for further distribution without the permission of the owner unless otherwise noted.

Special Notices

Finding an E-mail address:   To locate an Author, Contributor or Presenter, use the GHLL Contributor Page feature of this Web site. Many Authors/Contributors/Presenters are GHLL affiliated and can be found through this information page service, or web addresses may also be found on each web page in question.

Linking to the GHLL Web Site:   When referring to pages on the GHLL Web site from another Web site, please link to the Web page from which individual files are linked, rather than to the individual files themselves (including but not limited to PDFs, Powerpoints, word processed documents or graphics). Such files should never be copied from the GHLL web site for use on another site without express permission (as stated above).

Data provided by Authors, Contributors, Presenters and Others:   GHLL can not be held responsible for any possible errors in data provided by any Author, Contributor, Presenter or any other party.

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