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               December, 2013

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  2013 - The Year of the Social Genealogist
  — by Jenna Mills

     Time flies faster each year, or so it seems. It's time once again for the end of the year newsletter here at GHLL.

     2013 brought us man-made as well as natural disasters on a horrific scale. We watched with sadness and disbelief as we learned of bombings and mass shootings that killed innocent people. We watched with horror as we witnessed the power of Mother Nature as entire towns were obliterated by unbelievably powerful tornadoes and firefighters were over taken by blazing wildfires. Then as our government...actually I'm not even going to talk about them.

     A013 also brought us more techno-goodness than we could possibly ever need...but many of us gave it the old college try. Genealogists everywhere were doing the happy dance as they found yet another gadget that was going to make their research efforts more streamlined, effective and attainable. The amount of records added to online repositories, accessible 24/7, in 2013 is simply staggering! Last night I was looking at a book of Wills and Administration papers from 1892 in Boyle, Roscommon, Ireland. Amazing!

     Even more than the techno gadgets and online research options that exploded in 2013, I feel 2013 was the year of the Social Genealogist. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ proved to be valuable tools for genealogy research. Researchers can participate in Facebook groups ranging from specific regional research topics to organization and fraternal groups. Genealogists far and wide were able to "watch" Who Do You Think You Are and Genealogy Roadshow together via Twitter chats. The educational aspect of genealogy received a huge boost from Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts were hugely popular for study groups formed to learn genealogy software programs as well as research methodology.

     The online, social aspect of genealogy is really hitting its stride. If your not participating in any of the activities I've mentioned, be sure to check them out and make 2014 your social genealogy year!

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