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               February, 2013

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  Podcasts To Expand Your Horizons
  — Jenna Mills

        I've been listening to podcasts for about five years and I love them. I have a 45 minute commute to and from work each day and I fill it with podcasts on various subjects, the majority of which have been genealogy related. Recently though, I have started to branch out and expand my listening topics. For this post I am using the term "podcasts" to encompass actual podcasts, Blog Talk Radio shows and radio shows that are later published on Blog Talk Radio.

    I access the podcasts in one of five ways.
  1. Download from iTunes to my iPod
  2. Listen through a podcast dedicated app
  3. Listen through the Blog Talk Radio App on my phone
  4. Download mp3 directly from the site to my phone (Android)
  5. Through a podcast player such as DoggCatcher

        Ihave tried using the BeyondPod app [1], but I didn't have much luck with it. The Blog Talk Radio app [2] doesn't always work the best, but I've learned to accept it's quirks. My iPod is a first generation video iPod with the turn wheel...yeah, an antique that is ready to retire. The episodes I download to my phone, I delete after listening, as to not use up all my memory space. I've been using DoggCatcher [3] a lot lately and have a feeling it will soon be my number 1 option for listening to podcasts.

        I do notice a difference in audio quality, depending on the podcast, the method I use to download and how I choose to listen. You will need to experiment to see what method works best for you depending on your equipment. My favorite scenario is downloading the episode to my phone. My car has Sync [4] , so I can use Bluetooth to listen to the podcast, from my phone, over my car speakers. This gives me the best sound quality and volume control.

        In a subsequent newsletter (March, 2013) I will talk more about the podcasts I listen to and list a few must listen to episodes.

[1] BeyondPod;   [2];   [3] DoggCatcher;   [4] Sync

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