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               October, 2011

      Charles Hansen, Editor

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  1940 Federal Census Document
  — by Charles Hansen

       September 16 and 17th, 2011, I attended the Washington State Genealogical Conference, Building Ancestral Bridges, held at Richland, Washington. One of the classes was by Carol Buswell on, Immigration and Naturalization Records at the National Archives, Carol passed out the template for the 1940 census and it contains all 50 columns and what was to have been filled in for each column. I have listed them here:

  1. Street, Avenue, road, etc.
  2. House Number
  3. No. of household in order of visitation
  4. Home owned (O) or Rented [R]
  5. Value of home or Monthly rental if rented
  6. Farm? (Yes or No)
  7. Name of each person whose usual place of residence on April 1, 1940, was this household.
             BE SURE TO INCLUDE: Persons temporarily absent from household. Write Ab  after names of
             such persons. Children under 1 year of age. Write "infant" if child has not been given a first name.
             Enter X after person furnishing information. Note: There should be a circle around the X.
  8. Relationship of this person to the head of household, as wife, daughter, father, mother-in-law,
             grandson, lodger, lodger's wife, servant, hired hand, etc..
  9. Sex
  10. Color or Race
  11. Age at last Birthday
  12. Marital Status
  13. Attended school or college at any time since March 1, 1940.
  14. Highest grade of school completed
  15. Place of birth. If born in U.S. Give state, territory or possession. If foreign born, give country
             in which birthplace was situated on Jan. 1, 1937. Distinguish: Canada-French from Canada-
             English and Irish Free State from Northern Ireland.
  16. Citizenship of the foreign born. Naturalized (Na), Having first papers (Pa), Alien (Al), American citizen
             born abroad (Am Cit).
  17. In what place did this person live on April 1, 1935? For a person who lived in a different place, enter
             city or town, county, and state. City, town, or village having 2,600 or more inhabitants. If less,
             enter "R".
  18. County
  19. State or Territory or Foreign Country
  20. Own a Farm? (Y or N)
  21. Persons 14 years old and over Employment Status. Was this person AT WORK for pay or profit in
             private or non emergency Govt. work during week of March 24-30? (Y or N)
  22. If not, was he at work on, or assigned to public EMERGENCY WORK (WPA, NYA, CCC, etc)
             during week of March 24-30? (Y or N)
  23. Was this person seeking work? (Y or N)
  24. If not seeking work, did he HAV A JOB, business, etc.? (Y or N)
  25. If you answered no to questions 21-24: Indicate whether engaged in home housework (H), in school
             (S), unable to work (U), or other (Ot).
  26. If question 21 was "yes" Number of hours worked during week of March 24-30, 1940.
  27. If yes to questions 22 or 23: Duration of employment up to March 30, 1940- in weeks.
  28. Occupation: Trade, profession or particular kind of work, as- Frame spinner, Salesman, Laborer, Rivet
             Heater, Music Teacher.
  29. Industry or business, as- Cotton mill, Retail grocery, Farm, Shipyard, Public school.
  30. Class of worker. Wage or salary worker in private work (PW), wage or salary worker in Gov't work
             (GW), Employer (E), Working on own account (OA), unpaid family worker (NP)
  31. Number of weeks worked in 1939 (Equivalent full-time weeks)
  32. Income in 1939 (12 months ending Dec. 31, 1939) Amount of money, wages or salary received
             (including commissions)
  33. Did this person receive income of $50 or more from sources other than money wages or salary (Y or N)
  34. Number of Farm Schedule

           The following group is only for people listed on lines 14 and 29 of the first section. Columns 35-41 for all ages. Columns 42-47 for those 14 years old and older. Columns 48-50 for women only.

  35. Name
  36. Place of birth of Father
  37. Place of birth of Mother
  38. Language spoken in home in earliest childhood
  39. Veterans (Yes)
  40. If child, is veteran-father dead? (Y or N)
  41. War or Military Service World War (W), Spanish American War; Philippine
             Insurrection or Boxer Rebellion (S), Spanish American War & World War (SW),
             Regular establishment (Army, Navy or Marine Corps) Peace Time Service only [R], Other war or
             expedition (Ot)
  42. Does this person have a Social Security Number? (Y or N)
  43. Were deductions for Federal Old Age Insurance or Railroad Retirement made from
             this persons wages or salary in 1939? (Y or N)
  44. If so, were deductions made from all, _ or more, part but less than _ , of wages or
  45. Usual Occupation
  46. Usual Industry
  47. Class of worker (See line 30 for codes)
  48. Has this woman been married more than once? (Y or N)
  49. Age at first marriage
  50. Number of children ever born. (Do not include stillbirths)

       After giving some thought, which lines are important to your research? Are you excited to see the 1940 census?

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