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               August 2010

      Charles Hansen, Editor

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  Rebekah Assemblies
  — by Charles Hansen

       Iy mom was also a member of the Rebekahs, and that is the female auxiliary of the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows. The Odd Fellows were founded in the 17th century and there seems to be several stories on the name Odd Fellows.

       Irom Wikipedia, the Rebekah Lodges were founded on September 20, 1851, when the U.S. Grand Order of Odd Fellows voted to adopt the Rebekah Degree, largely due to the efforts of an Odd Fellow named Schuyler Colfax. The first Rebekah Degrees were honorary awards only, conferred on wives and daughters of Odd Fellows at special Lodge meetings, and recipients were known as Daughters of Rebekah . The name taken from the biblical character of Rebekah.

       Iebekah Lodges are still active, despite the fact that the Odd Fellows now accept women as full members. There are male and female Rebekah members. Girls too young for membership in the Rebekahs may join the Theta Rho Girls' Clubs, just as the boys can join the Junior Odd Fellows Lodges. Rebekahs observe the Odd Fellows' creed of Friendship, Love and Truth, and are engaged in many social and charitable activities worldwide. There is a Rebekah nursing home in Walla Walla today, partially supported by the lodges of the state of Washington.

       Iheir symbol is shown in this website; the three rings of the Odd Fellows and the R and D are included.

       Iear me is a cemetery, now called Evergreen Cemetery. Originally it was an International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery, after the Masons took it over. Today it is generally abandoned. The VFW is interested in cleaning it up and taking care of it as it is the resting place for about 50 Civil War Veterans. It came very close to being buried by a freeway a few years ago, but the state elected to move the freeway instead of the cemetery.

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