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               July, 2010

      Charles Hansen, Editor

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  Order of the Amaranth
  — by Charles Hansen

       Iast month I wrote on the Eastern Star and how my grandmother went every month to the "star", but my mom and my sister did not get along with the ladies of the Eastern Star so they were both in the Order of the Amaranth for a while.

       Ihe Order of the Amaranth is a Masonic-affiliated womens organization founded in 1873 according to wikipedia. It was based on the Order of the Amarantha for ladies and knights of the court of Queen Christina of Sweden. In 1860, James B. Taylor of Newark, New Jersey drew upon this order to create a new fraternal society. In 1873, Robert Macoy organized Taylor's society into the Order of the Amaranth, part of a proposed Adoptive Rite of Masonry. Eastern Star was to be the first degree, and until 1921, Amaranth members were required to join the Eastern Star first.

       Imaranth is organized into Courts, under Grand Courts at the State level. The primary body is called the Supreme Council. Women members are addressed as "Honored Lady" and men referred to as "Sir Knight". I was going to copy their insignia [1], when I read it is copyrighted and requires the approval of the Supreme Council for use, so I will just describe it: It is a gold crown with a star above the crown and a sword with a gold handle below the crown, circled by a wreath that looks like oak leaves to me.

       Iy mom was a diabetic, and the Order of the Amaranth supports the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation. My sisters court collected pennies for the foundation, and so she was always collecting pennies.

       Io be a member you must be related to a Master Mason, as a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece or aunt of the Master Mason. Since 2002, members of the Order of Rainbow for Girls and the International Order of Jobs Daughters, who have been active for three years and have attained the age of 18, and who wish to become members, must have an accompanying recommendation of a Master Mason.

Webmaster's note:  [1] To learn more about Order of the Amaranth (Oregon Grand Court) and to see their representation of "the insignia", click here

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