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               March, 2010

      Charles Hansen, Editor

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  Thanking Others
  — by Charles Hansen

       Ipril is volunteer appreciation month, and many organizations will be having some kind of a program to recognize all the work done by volunteers. Spokane has an annual awards dinner and recognizes the volunteer of the year. Must be real hard to decide who gets that award, Spokane has a lot of volunteers. In January Spokane hosted the US Figure Skating Championships with the winners going to the Olympics in Vancouver. There were numerous volunteers there. Spokane hosts basket ball tournaments, road races, fun runs, bicycle races, soccer tournaments, baseball tournaments, etc and most all have volunteers.

       Io to get to genealogy, many of the people at most genealogical libraries, Family History Centers, historical societies, and genealogical societies are volunteers. Most records being extracted and showing up online are done by volunteers, so have you said thanks to any of those volunteers? Our library has an annual volunteer luncheon for all of us volunteers, and believe it or not only about half the volunteers are in the genealogy section. Since I do a lot of lookups for people, I do get a lot of thank yous also, and that makes research for others fun.

       Io now we get to the paid people. Have you had a librarian look up a newspaper article, an obit, or some other record for you? Did you send a thank you? How about the courthouse worker that helped you find your grandparents probate packet, did that worker get a thank you? In December of 2009 I was on jury duty, so I stopped by the auditors office and wished all of them a Merry Christmas on my way back to not being selected on a jury.

       Io now you have thanked all the people that have helped you, what else can you do? Does your local genealogical society have an extraction committee? Have you volunteered for a position on the society board? A committee? Have you answered the call for volunteers from Ancestry, Family Search, NEHGS, or your state or local archives? This is a way you can give back, and I guarantee you will get back more than you give.

       Ihanks Bob, Dottie, Earl, Marian, Sandi, Santor, Steve and Virginia for all you do here at GHLL.

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