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                 October, 2008

      Charles Hansen, Editor

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  Canadian Carnival of Genealogy
— Charles Hansen

        Last month I wrote about the Carnival of Genealogy, so this month I will write about the Canadian Carnival of Genealogy. It is the same as the Carnival of Genealogy I wrote about last month, but for you to write about your Canadian ancestors.

        For years one of my brick walls was my Canadian ancestor Rhoda. She had married Richard Hellenbolt and their daughter, my ancestor, Eliza Hellenbolt was born in Rock County Wisconsin, March 1, 1845. I have previously written that I found Rhoda's surname (Preston) in the marriage records for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where Rhoda married Richard Hellenbolt. On the way home from the Family History Center all I could think of was I am related to Sargent Preston of the Yukon.

        While I have not checked this out, I have just found a person that lists the parents of Rhoda Preston in their World Connect database on RootsWeb: Father: Benjamin P. PRESTON b: 31 AUG 1762 in Killingly, Windham, CT , Mother: Jane OWEN b: 23 AUG 1776 in NY or Bennington, VT, and lists their children:

1. Abigail HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1837 in Canada
2. John HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1839 in Canada
3. Annie M. HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1843 in Canada
4. Eliza M HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1845 in Wisconsin
5. Benjamin F. HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1847 in Illinois
6. Harrison HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1849 in Wisconsin
7. James C. HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1850 in Wisconsin
8. Cyrus E. HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1851 in Wisconsin
9. William T. HILLENBOLDT b: ABT 1854 in Wisconsin

        Notice the first three children were also born in Canada and they all came south with their parents between 1843 and 1845, and that the surname is spelled Hillenboldt, not Hellenbolt. Looks like I need to get in touch with the submitter of this information.

        While Eliza is my direct descendant, Abigail also played a big part in my grandfather and father's life. Abigail married William Henry Eddy from Colburg, Ontario, Canada. Their daughter Minerva Eddy married William Kyle and when Minerva died William and his daughter, Mary Abigail Kyle and his son in law Walter Maddux moved to Columbus Montana. My grandfather had a wanderlust and he left his four other brothers in Minnesota and moved to Columbus Montana. My dad was not quite four so he did not remember Minnesota, but he grew up in Columbus Montana. My fathers oldest brother said they moved to Montana because it was warmer, but I really think it was to be with my grandmother's cousin Mary Abigail Maddux.

        Do you have any Canadian ancestors? Canadian brick walls? Post your ancestors on the message board.

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