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           May, 2006

      Carol Sanderson,
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  Internet Genealogy Magazine
- by Charles Hansen

        Internet Genealogy is a new magazine from the publishers of Family Chronicle Magazine one of my favorite genealogical magazines. Do genealogists really néed another magazine on Internet Genealogy? Halvor Moorshead, the publisher and editor, said in his introduction that some people questioned if there was enough fresh new ideas for articles. I know fresh ideas for articles are hard to come by.

        The table of contents of the May issue lists seventeen articles. A welcome from Publisher Halvor Moorshead, and "What's Coming" in the next issue. There are two articles on Google: Genealogical Googling, and Google Book Search. An article on Linkpendium, a site with over 3 million genealogical sites. There are eight articles on websites and how and what you might find on these websites. An article on the "Family History Library Catalog", which should be bookmarked on every genealogist's computer. In this issue also there is "A Case Study on William Pennington" similar to those in The Family Chronicle Magazine.

        Probably my favorite article was by Halvor Moorshaed called "What You Should Know." He starts out by saying if you are an experienced genealogist to skip this article, but he does have several good ideas for beginning genealogists and it is a good review for more experienced genealogists. The next article is "Successful Searching Strategies", where eight genealogical experts give tips and favorite websites to search.

        An article on "Top Websites for Polish Genealogy" by Donna J. Pointkouski brought back some old memories. One of the authors of the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex system that she tells about, Gary Mokotoff, was a special contributor on the old Prodigy bulletin board. While I have never found any Polish ancestors, I did read quite a few of the posts by Gary on the bulletin board and even got to meet him at an FGS conference years ago.

        Another interesting article is "Genealogy Freebies", by Maureen Taylor. She lists several websites that have free items that might interest genealogists. When I first started, I took a beginning genealogy class at our community college and the teacher kept drilling a saying about freebies so we would remember it. It was: "If it is free, take two, one for you and one to share."

        While I seldom read every article in any magazine, Internet Genealogy seems to have a good mix of articles and an excellent publisher and editor. I would recommend Internet Genealogy as a good magazine for genealogists.

  True or False?
- by Carol Sanderson

        I read something the other day that made me realize that this subject has not been touched on for some time. I can remember some years back when the Prodigy board had posts and discussions on this subject. It was a way of reaching some of those who weren't up on all that was going on in the world of genealogy. Either there hasn't been much talk on this or I just haven't seen it. This is the topic of scams and hoaxes.

        Before the Internet, in the days when most of our searching was done by going to libraries, courthouses, and using census records at those places, there were scams of books published that were no more than glorified telephone directories. The names linked to them were Hurlbuton and Bath. Public uproar, and I think actually some lawsuits finally shut them down.

        There has been a lot of discussion on the uploading of family trees and the ability for someone to download them. The fact that a lot of the early data were not well documented was part of the concern. There were and still are errors that crept into these through undocumrented names in trees.

        What I saw, that brought this all back, was a short report of an article written by Lee Davidson on November 10, 2005 for the Deseret Daily News in Utah. This was telling about a person who had developed some software that would easily build websites and upload family trees that were supposedly done out of sheer imagination. NO documentation, or if there were it was false too. These sites would have ads on them. The purpose of doing this was to have search engines direct searchers to these places and then by running over or clicking on the ads would bring money to the owners of the search engine and the advertizers. "Nothing to do with genealogy", the developer said. His thoughts were let the searcher beware. If someone thought they had found their line and downloaded it, connected somehow to their line and then uploaded it on one of the genealogy sites and the erroneous data spread, it wasn't his fault.

        Dick Eastman reports that this man's site in no longer on the Internet. Hopefully all of what could have happened has been avoided. Should we close our eyes and not be aware of things like that? No, of course not, but we must still be aware that not everything is what it may seem. Learn how to evaluate the data you are finding. For those who are realatively new to this be very carful. Google will bring up more information on false genealogy that may be out there if you type in the keywords of "false", "hoax", or other words meaning the same thing with the word "genealogy".

        Please be aware of this as you continue your search for your ancestors. They do want you to find them. May all your searches be good.

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