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Monthly Newsletters:
     The Contributors have published the July, 2014 issue of BRANCHING OUT, the monthly informational Genealogy Newsletter on Jul 1, 2014: Filling in the Spaces by Charles Hansen. You are welcome to read all newsletters at your leisure. Just click on the link, "Newsletters", on the menu across the top of this page.

If you would like to receive notice of the newsletter and weekly updates to this web site, please send an email request to GHLL <-- click here.

Events Calendar:
     L@@KING for Genealogical, Family and other events? Take a look at the "Events Calendar" listings (top-of-page [button] menu). We update our calendar as soon as we are aware of the information.

Clan Information:
     It's all about Clans! We have an ever-growing set of pages devoted to Scottish and Irish Clans and Societies, and now we have added a "Scottish Dictionary". Just visit the "Scottish Clans" and see for yourselves. We are updating that information on a daily basis (current web sites and email addresses). You can access this information, and even send us information on both the Irish and Scottish sites. Just use the appropriate topics under International Resources (menu on the right-side of this page).

Native American Gateway:
     GHLL has always maintained an area devoted to Native Americans. That portion entails various US States' Indian web sites, Indian food and cooking as well as many other items of historical and cultural nature which may be found by Clicking here. There is also a menu item entitled, "American (Native)" which can be found on the menu on the right (vertical) portion of this page, under the heading, "Domestic Resources".

Today in history:
     What happened today in history? Find out by clicking here!

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