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Updated: Mon, Jan 5, 2009

ACADIAN-CAJUN - Usually, the word Cajun is used to describe those French people from south Louisiana. But the term Acadian is sometimes used; and when one looks into it, they find that their ancestors in fact were Acadians from Canada. Acadians and Cajuns are the same ... yet they are different. The Acadians were French settlers who settled the area (now known as Nova Scotia) in the 1700's. In the mid 18th century, they were exiled by the British. Over the following 30 years, several thousand of the exiled Acadians made their way to south Louisiana. Although the Acadians, a group of people who settled eastern Canada in the 1700's, have been researched extensively over the years, many questions still remain as to their origins. A few have been traced to France and elsewhere, but the majority of Acadian settlers still have no link to the Old World. The first documented group of Acadians (4 families: 20 individuals from New York) arrived in the Port of New Orleans on April 6, 1764. They were settled along the Mississippi River near the present day St. James and St. John Parishes. The 1764 group was followed in late February 1765 by a group of about 193 Acadian refugees from detention camps at Halifax led by Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil.

  • Acadian ~ Cajun - Genealogy and History. The summer of 2006 marked the 250th anniversary of the 1755 Explusion of Acadians from their homeland.

  • The - Genealogy, History and Culture. The French Colonial Period became with the discovery of the Mississippi River by LaSalle and ended with the secret treaty of Fontainebleau in 1762 when France ceded its Territory West of the Mississippi River and the Isle of Orleans to Spain. In 1763, Spain ceded to Great Britain, the territory East of the Mississippi River and North of the Isle of Orleans, including the Florida parishes (see map) that were regained by Governor Galvez in 1779.

  • Cajun Country - Genealogy and History. CAJUN ('ka:-j@n), n. A person of French Canadian descent born or living along the bayous, marshes, and prairies of southern Louisiana. The word Cajun began in 19th century Acadie (now Nova Scotia, Canada) when the Acadians began to arrive. The French of noble ancestry would say, "les Acadiens", while some referred to the Acadians as "le 'Cadiens", dropping the "A". Later came the Americans who could not pronounce "Acadien" or "'Cadien", so the word "Cajun" was born.

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