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MACEDONIA (Republic of)

— Updated for:  Oct 10, 2010
Capital of Macedonia  Skopje
Government of Macedonia (click on flag)

  • Atlapedia - for the former Ugoslav Republic of Macedonia

    G, H, K
  • Kindred Trails - Macedonia Genealogy
  • - Macedonian Republic Genealogy Forum
  • GenWeb Project - Researching for roots in Macedonia
  • History of Macedonia - Occupying the bigger part of northern Greece, Macedonia
             first appears on the historical scene as a geographical-political unit in the 5th
             century BC...

  • Coat of arms

  • Macedonia - 4000 Years of Greek Civilization
  • Macedonia - Selected Internet Resources (Library of Congress)
  • Macedonia Heraldry Society - the only organization dealing with heraldry in the Republic of
  • Macedonia on Maps - various maps of the country grouped in categories (political, ethnic, etc.)

  • Republic of Macedonia - Republic of Macedonia; several links

  • Wikiipedia - the free encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • World History Index - History:  Republic of Macedonia
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  • MADAGASCAR (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Jul 19, 2010
    Capital of Madagascar  Antananarivo
    Government of Madagascar (click on flag)

  • Madagascar - A History of Madagascar
  • Madagascar - Atlapedia
  • Madagascar - On-Line Information Service of the Embassy of Madagascar of
             Washington D.C.

  • Emblem

  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MALAWI (The Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Dec 3, 2012
    Capital of Macedonia  Lilongwe
    Government of Malawi (click on flag)

  • Malawi Genealogy Forum -
  • Malawi News - Latest News (the WN network)

  • Coat of arms

    R, T, W
  • Republic of Malawi - Atlapedia
  • Top News - From "All", an on-line (current) view of news in Malawi.
  • Wikipedia - Republic of Malawi, formerly known as Nyasaland, (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • World Heritage Sites in Malawi - LakeMalawi National Park, Chongoni Rock Art Area, and others.

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    — Updated for:  Oct 28, 2013
    Capital of Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur
    Government of Malaysia (click on flag)

  • A History of the Malay Peninsula - Multiple web sites listed (some non-functional)

    E, I
  • Essays & writing guides - Malaysia and Singapore (WriteWork)
  • Internet Resources about Malaysia - Current Events and News, etc..

  • Malaysia - Country Specific Information (Travel State Government)
  • Malaysia - Worldmark Encyclopedia of Malaysia.
  • Malaysia Genealogy Forum - (
  • Malaysia History - History in Brief
  • Malaysia: Introduction - GlobalEDGE.
  • Malaysian Links - Listed items (over 100)
  • Malaysia Genealogy Queries - Total matching queries: 379.
  • Malaysian Timeline - Ancient Malaysia, Early Hindu Kingdoms, Islam and the Golden
             Age of Malacca, Colonial Malaysia, Independence and Onwards, and much more.

  • Emblem

  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia.
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MALDIVES (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Mon, Nov 4, 2013
    Capital of Maldives  Mal╗
    Government of Maldives (click on flag)

    A, C, H
  • Atlapedia Online
  • Country Study - Maldives (The Library of Congress, Researchers)
  • History of Maldives - The origin of the first settlers of the Maldives still
             remains a mystery.
  • Hulhudhuffaaru - History of Maldives (Raa Atoll)

  • Emblem

    M, T
  • Maldives - Documents include Birth & Death, Marriage & Divorce, Police Records, & Military
  • Maldives - Maldives Worldguide by Lonely Planet
  • Royal Family Genealogy - The official web site of the Maldives Royal Family
  • Maldives map - The Last Paradise, Message Board, Chat Room

  • Wikipedia - The Republic of Maldives is an island nation consisting of the Maldive group of atolls
             and the Suvadive group of atolls in the Indian Ocean.
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  • MALI (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Jul 19, 2010
    Capital of Maldives  Bamako
    Government of Mali (click on flag)

  • Civilizations in Africa

  • MALI - Atlapedia Online
  • MALI - Country Background and map
  • MALI - Ethnologue
  • MALI - History

  • Emblem

  • MALI - From Wikipedia

  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MALTA (The Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Dec 21, 2009
    Capital of Malta:  Valletta
    Government of Malta (click on flag)

    E, G, H, J
  • Euro Docs - History of Malta:  Primary Documents
  • - Malta Genealogy Forum
  • History of Malta - Primary Documents (Euro Docs from Wikipedia)
  • Jewish Community of Malta - Homepage

  • Coat of arms

  • Malta - GenWeb Site
  • Maltagenealogy - is a website that is based on established genealogies.
             The Euro-ethnicity of the Maltese race stands out...t
  • MALTA & GOZO - History In Brief

    N, P, W
  • Nations Online - This page aims to give you a broad overview of Maltese art,
             culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.
  • Portals to the World - Malta
  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia.
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  • MARTINIQUE (Department of) or Madinina (flower island)

    — Updated for:  May 12, 2014
    Capital of Martinique:  Fort-de-France
    Government of Martinique (click on flag)

    C, F
  • Countries and Their Cultures - Culture of Martinique.
  • Forum Martinique - in Martinque Parish.
  • French Genealogy Blog - in Martinque Parish.

  • Coat of arms

    M, N, W
  • Martinique - History of Slavery.
  • Nations Online - a broad overview of Martinique's art, culture, people, environment, geography,
             history, economy and government.
  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
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  • MAURITANIA (Islamic Republic of)

    — Updated for:  May 12, 2014
    Capital of Martinique:  Nouakchott
    Government of Martinique (click on flag)

    G, M
  • Genealogy in Mauritania - This Mauritania genealogy group is dedicated
             to helping people with researching their ancestors in Mauritania, offering a
             genealogy chatroom, Mauritania genealogy links and a Mauritania genealogy
             message forum.
  • Gateway to Mauritania
  • Mauritania - A Country Study; The Library of Congress, 1988.
  • Mauritania History
  • Mauritania Maps
  • Mauritania Page - North African Nation

  • Emblem

    G, M
  • Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MELANESIA (The Federated Sates of)

    — Updated for:  Apr 21, 2014
    Capital of Melanesia:  Port Vila
    Government of Melanesia (click on flag)

    Please note:  The following countries are considered part of Melanesia - Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu.

    Melanesia also includes one dependency of France - New Caledonia

    West Papua - The western half of the island of New Guinea (West Papua (region) is politically part of the nation state of Indonesia. Europeans have always recognized it as geographically part of Melanesia. A strong independence movement, the Free Papua Movement, is active in this area and has support from the majority of West Papuans.

    South Maluku - A group of islands claim the southern part of the Moluccas (incl. the Aru Islands and the Kai Islands). Its government is currently in exile in the Netherlands.

    Several Melanesian states are members of various intergovernmental organizations. Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu are members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu are also members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

    F, M
  • Fear & Spirit Loathing in Melanesia - Genealogy and Religion
             Explorations in Evolution, Anthropology and History
  • Melanesia Genweb Project - Includes Genealogy and History from
             the Islands of Melanesia-includes Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon's,
  • Melanesian Traditional Culture - An archipelago of 83 islands (Vanuatu).

  • A group of Island Nations,
    No Emblem

  • Wikipedia - the free internet encyclopedia
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  • MEXICO (United Mexican States)

    — Updated for:  Sep 17, 2012
    Capital of Mexico:  Mexico City
    Government of Mexico (click on flag)

    A, B
  • A Time of Reconquest - History, the Maya Revival, and the Zapatista Rebellion
             in Chiapas
  • Biblioteca Nacional de Mexico (in Spanish)

  • Coat of arms

    C, D
  • Catholic Church in Mexico - Local Catholic Church History and Ancestors
  • Church Records In Mexico - Roman Catholic and Other Church Records
  • Cinco de Mayo History - In 1862, the French army began its advance. Under General Ignacio
             Zaragoza, 5,000 ill-equipped Mestizo and Zapotec Indians defeated the French army in what
             came to be known as the "Batalla de Puebla" on the fifth of May.
  • Coahuila, Mexico - The Spanish colonized the state between 1550 and 1580, naming it
             New Extremadura after a region in Spain. They later changed the name to Coahuila.
  • Digital Maps of Mexico - (website in Spanish)

  • Forums for Genealogy - Mexico Genealogy Forum (
  • Forums for Genealogy - Sonora, Mexico Genealogy Forum (

    G, H
  • Genealogy in Mexico - Finding Ancestors' Border Crossing Records.
  • Genealogy of Mexico - Gateway to the past... From our ancestors forward.
  • Hispagen - Asocianci Čn de Genealog├a Hispana (web site in Spanish)
  • History & Customs - Day Of The Dead

    I, K
  • Iberian Genealogy Pages - Family trees from settlers in Nuevo Leon, Coachulia,
             Tamaulipas, and South Texas
  • Kindred Trails - Mexican Genealogy

  • Mexico Arizona Biographical Survey - Please be aware that some sites are under construction or
             unable to view.
  • Mexican Family History Research - Investigacion de Historia Familiar M╗xicana, (Spanish)
  • Mexican Genealogy - A "how to" guide
  • Mexico - MexicoGenWeb is a free, non-profit, non-commercial, all-volunteer organization
             providing access to genealogical and historical records, as well as a place for people to
             connect and share information with each other about their Mexican heritage.
  • Mexico Archives - (in Spanish)
  • Mexico - Border Crossing Records
  • Mexico - GenWeb site
  • Mexico History Directory -
  • Municipalities of Mexico - The 31 states of Mexico are divided into municipios (municipalities).

    N, O
  • National Archives of Mexco - (Archivo General de la Nacion) in Spanish.
  • Nations Online - Countries of the World
  • New World Encyclopedia - Mexico was the site of several early and extremely advanced
             civilizations, such as the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec.
  • Oaxaca - Monte Alban (History of the Zapotec Tribe)

    R, S, T, W
  • Research Guidance - Research outline for Mexico.
  • Sonora Genealogy Windmill
  • State of Tamaulinpas - and links to other sources
  • Tamaulinpas - 1750 Census Carmargo
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MICRONESIA (The Federated Sates of)

    — Updated for:  Apr 21, 2014
    Capital of Micronesia:  Palikir
    Government of Micronesia (click on flag)

  • Archive for the Micronesia Genealogy - Genealogy Blog, The free
             daily online genealogy nautamagazine.
  • Atlapedia - The Federated States of Micronsia
  • Beachcombers, Traders & Castaways in Micronesia - foreigners
             who are proven to have lived ashore Palau, Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei,
             Kosrae and the Marshalls during the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • Seal of Micronesia

  • Federated States of Micronesia - Formed in 1978, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is
             an island nation in the Caroline archipelago of the western Pacific Ocean.
  • History of Micronesia - On this site, there are highlighted, some of the unique
             aspects of each of the FSM states.
  • Library of Congress - Local History & Genealogy Reading Room
  • Oceania Genealogy - Visitors who came to stay
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MOLDOVA (The Republic of), formerly Moldavia

  • Moldova - A Country Study, Research Division:  Library of Congress
  • Moldova GenWeb - Moldova is surrounded by two countries. One
             is the Ukraine and the other is Romania.
  • Nations Online - Country profile
  • Postcards from Moldavia - With its forest-clad and tranquil valleys, Moldavia
             rivals mighty Transylvania when it comes to rich folklore, natural beauty and
             turbulent history.
  • Wikipedia - the free Encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    MONACO (The Principality of)

  • History of Monaco - from The Principality of Monaco web site
  • History of Monaco - Primary Documents
  • House of Grimaldi - Genealogy of the Princely Family of Monaco
  • Lonely Planet - Live the high life in the favourite playground of Europe's movers
             and shakers.
  • Nations Online - Monaco
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    MONGOLIA (Previously, Outer Mongolia)

    — Updated for:  Nov 11, 2013
    Capital of Mongolia:  Ulaanbaatar
    Government of Mongolia (click on flag)

  • Mongolia - General Information, Telecom Market, Policy & Law, Detail Data
  • Mongolia - Communication and information
  • Mongolia - Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations

  • Emblem

    N, W
  • National Museum of Mongolia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MONTENEGRO (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Nov 4, 2013
    Capital of Montenegro:  Podgorica
    Government of Montenegro (click on flag)

    G, H
  • GenWeb - Welcome to Montenegro GenWeb
  • History of Montenegro - Primary Documents (Euro Docs)

    M, N
  • Montenegro Genealogy Forum - Message Board regarding Montenegro Genealogy
  • Montenegrin Associan of America - Please Note:  The Internet Service Provider
             (ISP) serving this website has regular down time from midnight until 4 a.m.
             Pacific Standard Time, Monday mornings.
  • Nations Online - A virtual guide to the former southern part of Serbia and
             Montenegro. An overview of Montenegrin art, culture, people, environment,
             geography, history, economy and its government.

  • Coat of arms

  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • MONTSERRAT (overseas territory of the UK)

    — Updated for:  Dec 21, 2009
    Capital of Montserrat:  Plymouth
    Government of Montserrat (click on flag)
    Note of interest:
             Plymouth used to be the capital of Montserrat but is now part of an
             exclusion area after a series of volcanic eruptions which forced the
             evacuation of the city. Plymouth was abandoned in 1997; interim
             government buildings have been built at Brades Estate in the
             Carr's Bay/Little Bay vicinity at the northwest end of Montserrat.


    Montserrat - The Emerald Isle (general information)
    Montserrat GenWeb - Montserrat is a volcanic island in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of
             Puerto Rico. General information about this island in the Leeward Islands,
             British West Indies
    Montserrat Reporter - Newspaper

    World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    Gateway to Morocco
    Morocco Genealogy Forum
    Morocco History
    World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    Local Catholic Churches - A listing of the Diocese
    Mozambique Maps - Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
    World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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