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People's Republic of China - database
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China (mainland)  |  Hong Kong SAR of China
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CHINA - Mainland

——— C
China Genealogy Forum
China Connections - China Connection newsletter welcomes you to its guide site for China adoption.
China (GenWeb site)
China GenWeb Genealogical Resources
China Online
Chinese-American History - Timeline
Chinese-American Museum - (located in Los Angeles, CA)
Chinese-Canadian Genealogy - Chinese Head Tax
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese Cultural Center - Chinese American History and Genealogy
Chinese Genealogy Information System - Design and Implementation
Chinese Dynasties - (English language and Chinese characters)
Chinese Genealogy Resources
Chinese Historical Society of America
Chinese immigrants - Chinese Immigrants Helped Build Railroad in El Paso.
Chinese in Guyana - Their Roots.
Chinese Research - Contacts and resources.
Chinese Surnames - This site contains links found in the Hundred Families Surnames.

——— D
Design and Implementation of a Chinese Genealogy Information System - Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

——— G
Global Edge - Introduction to China.
Guangdong - families who originated from Siyi

——— H
Harbin - An area of Russian refugees, home area before emigrating to other countries.
Hakka - An important Element of Chinese Culture
History of China
Human Capital and Fertility in Chinese Clans - AD 1300 -1850, by Carol H. Shiue, March 2008.

——— N
Nguyen & Kim - Top Asian Surname from the 1990 Census (USA)

——— O
Origin of Chinese Surnames

——— T
Tibet - In 1964, Tibet became an Autonomous Region of China. Before 1952 Tibet was ruled by the Dalai Lama, the head of the Yellow Hat sect of Lamaism. Its parliament consisted of various noble families in the region. Tibet is situated on the Qingzang (Qinghai-Tibet) Plateau.

——— W
World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)

HONG KONG - Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China
Chinese University of Hong Kong - The Chinese University lies on a spacious 134-hectare campus with more than 110 state-of-the-art buildings. It rises from Tolo Harbour just north of Sha Tin. (CIA)
University of Hong Kong - Founded 1911 (Incorporating the Hong Kong College of Medicine Founded in 1887)
World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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