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AFGHANISTAN (Islamic Republic of)

— Updated for:  Mar 31, 2014
Capital of Afghanistan:  Kabul
Government of Afghanistan (click on flag)

A, C, L
  • Afghanistan - Atlapedia Online
  • Afghanistan - Welcome to the Afghanistan GenWeb Project
  • Afghanistan Online - Various Articles/Images On Afghan History
  • Cemeteries in Afghanistan - Find A Grave
  • Looking 4 Kin - Afghanistan Genealogy

  • Emblem

    P, W
  • Photographs - The Harrison Forman Collection
  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • AFRICA (General Listings)

    — Updated for:  Jul 07, 2014                  

  • AfriGeneas - AfriGeneas is a site devoted to African American genealogy, to
             researching African Ancestry in the Americas in particular and to
             genealogical research and resources in general. It is also an African
             Ancestry research community featuring the AfriGeneas mail list, the
             AfriGeneas message boards and daily and weekly genealogy chats.
  • AfricaGenWeb Project - An on-line data repository for queries, family
             histories, and source records...
  • Africa Guide - Map of Africa
  • Africa South of the Sahara - Selected Internet resources
  • African Ancestry - Trace your DNA, Find Your Roots
  • African Ethnology - Dr. Alex de Voogt, Curator of African Ethnology
  • African Studies - Columbia University Libraries
  • African-Atlantic Genealogical Society - The the expression of the present, the result of the
             past, the foundation of the future. In order to fully understand yourself, you should first
             understand the ancestors upon whose lives yours is founded. Genealogy is the gateway to
             your personal past. Our goal is to guide you there.

    L, S
  • Languages - South Africa
  • South African Genealogy - So you want to trace your South African Roots?
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  • ALBANIA (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Apr 14, 2014
    Capital of Albania:  Tirana
    Government of Albania (click on flag)

    A, C
  • Albania - The EastEurope GenWeb Project web site
  • Albania - History and Information (Maps, Culture, Economy, etc.)
  • Albania Culture - Countries and their cultures
  • Albania Genealogy Forum - web site
  • Albania Genealogy Resources - (FEEFHS) The Federation of East European Family
             History Societies.
  • Albanian - Share your Albanian photos, "723 Photos Uploaded so far
             and Growing!"
  • Culture of Albania - Wikipedia

  • Coat of arms

    H, I, N
  • Home of Albanians online - Welcome to the Albanian Forums (
  • Infoplease - Geography, Government & History
  • Nations Online - A virtual guide to Albania. Get an overview of Albania's art, culture, people,
             environment, geography, history, economy and its government.

    P, W
  • Portals to the World - Library of Congress selected internet resources
  • Welcome to Albania - In the heart of the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania
             is fast becoming one of the world's most interesting getaways. Still relatively unspoiled by
             globalization, tourists will notice an inspiring mixture of civilizations and cultures - making this
             European country truly unique - (website quote).
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • ALGERIA (People's Democratic Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Jul 07, 2014
    Capital of Algeria:  Algiers
    Government of Algeria (click on flag)

  • Algeria Genealogy - Discussion group
  • Algeria Gateway
  • Algeria's Heritage - Filled with gripping sites, culture-preserving monuments,
             beautiful historical remains of ancient cities and their surprising architecture.
  • Archives d'Outre-mer - French Colonies and Algeria (in French)

  • Emblem

    H, L
  • History of Algeria - an index.
  • Languages - Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia - (the free encyclopedia)
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • World Heritage Sites - (in Algeria)
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  • ANDORRA (Principality of)

    — Updated for:  Mar 10, 2014
    Capital of Andorra:  Andorra la Vella
    Government of Andorra (click on flag)

    A, C
  • A Concise History Of Andorra - "The history of Andorra is not very well-
  • Andorra Genealogy - "This Andorra genealogy group is dedicated to helping
             people with researching their Andorra ancestry, offering a genealogy chatroom,
             Andorra genealogy links and an Andorra genealogy message forum."
  • Andora Genweb - Mediterranean Genweb Project and World Genweb
  • Atlapedia for Andorra - a landlocked country bordered by France to the north and
             Spain to the south.
  • Countries and Their Culture - history, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food,
             customs, family.

  • Coat of arms

    E, G, W
  • Encyclopedia of the Nations - "The governmental system of Andorra is unique."
  • Genealogy Resources in Andorra - (GenePro).
  • Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • ANGOLA (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Feb 4, 2013
    Capital of Angola:  Luanda
    Government of Angola (click on flag)

    A, E
  • Angola - Home Page.
  • Angola Culture - Countries and Their Cultures
  • Angola Today - Angolan Electronic news media with current events.
  • Ethnologue country index - Language of Africa (Angola)

  • Emblem

    H, L, W
  • Language - 39 languages are listed.
  • History of Angola - In November 1975, after nearly five centuries as a Portuguese colony, Angola
             became an independent state.
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    — Updated for:  Apr 29, 2013
    Capital of Anguilla:  The Valley
    Government of Anguilla (click on flag)

  • Anguilla - History
  • Anguilla Genealogy Resources - Caribbean Genealogy Research
  • Anguilla's History - The Anguilla Experience


  • Emblem

  • Edison L. Huges Education & Library Complex - To provide contempary, comprehensive and
             integrated library, archives and information services relevant to the social, cultural,
             educational, business and informational needs of the community.

  • History of Anguilla - Anguilla Guide

  • Vital Records - Government of Anguilla

  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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    — Updated for:  Apr 29, 2013
    Capital of Antigua And Barbuda  Saint John's
    Government of Antigua and Barbuda (click on flag)

    A, B, H
  • Antigua and Leeward Islands - Caribbean Genealogy Research
  • Antigua and Barbuda - Nations Online
  • Barbuda - genealogy
  • History & Culture - Antigua & Barbuda

  • Coat of arms

    I, M, W
  • Info Please - Geography, Government and History
  • Museum of Antigua and Barbuda - Historical and Archaeological Society (FaceBook).
  • Origin of Antigua - The Family Facts archive, with its rich historical information, can tell you
             everything from the lifespan of your ancestors to the very meaning of your last name..
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • ARGENTINA (Argentine Republic)

    — Updated for:  Aug 20, 2013
    Capital of Argentina  Buenos Aires
    Government of Argentina (click on flag)

  • Archivo General de la Nacion - (in Spanish)
  • Argentina Family Genealogy Forum -
  • Argentina's general resources and history
  • Asociaci█n de Genealog╠a Jud╠a de Argentina - (In Spanish)

  • Coat of arms

    G, J, L
  • German Genealogy: Argentina - (In English or German)
  • Jewish Genealogical Association of Argentina
  • Links & Forums of Genealogical interest - (In Spanish)

    P, W
  • Portals to the World - selected internet resources
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • ARMENIA (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Sep 2, 2013
    Capital of Armenia  Yerevan
    Government of Armenia (click on flag)

  • Armenia Genealogy - an Asia GenWeb site
  • Armenian Genealogy Forum - Message Board
  • Armenia Genealogy Forum -
  • Armenian Genealogical Resources -

  • Coat of arms

  • Armenian Genealogical Society - The Federation of East European Family History Societies

    P, W
  • Wikipedia - the free Encyclopedia
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • ARUBA (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Sep 2, 2013
    Capital of Aruba  Oranjestad (English, Orangetown)
    Government of Aruba (click on flag)

  • Aruba - Native Aruba People
  • Aruba Ancestry - Caribbean Ancestry Black Genealogy Social Network Site

  • Coat of arms

    N, O, W
  • Nations Online
  • Oranjestad Aruba Family History - In the FamilySearch Research Wiki, you can learn how to do
             genealogical research or share your knowledge with others.
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • AUSTRIA (Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Mar 10, 2014
    Capital of Austria:  Vienna
    Government of Austria (click on flag)

  • Austria - History (from
  • Austrio-Hungary - Locating Ecclesiastical Resources.
  • Austria Genealogy Forum - (
  • Austrian Genealogy - Welcome to the Austrian Genealogy Pages
  • Austrian province of Steiermark - Styria
  • Austro-Hungarian Empire - Cross-Index and links.

    B, C, D

  • Emblem

  • BurgenlandGenWeb Gateway - Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Group (SE Austria and part of
             Hungary). The Province of Burgenland, in the south east of Austria, was formed from parts of
             the Hungarian counties (Megye) of Vas, Sopron and Moson following WWI . While it is Austria's
             youngest province, it can claim to be one of the oldest.
  • Carinthia Province, Austria - Archives, Communities
  • Catholic Pages of Austria - (Diocesan Directory).
  • Center for Austrian Studies - In our continuing role as a clearinghouse for information about
             Austria and its neighbors with a common Habsburg heritage.
  • Demographics of Austria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    G, H, J
  • Geogen - Surname mapping. Geogen is the short form for "geographical genealogy" which
             means location based ancester research. On this website you can create maps which show
             the distribution of surnames in Germany and Austria. Significant concentrations can point
             to a local root of the family or of the family name.
  • Gesher Galicia - an organization that promotes Jewish genealogical and historical research in
             Galicia, a province of the former Austrian Empire.
  • History of Austria - From
  • Jewish Family History Research Guide - Courtesy of the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy

    L, M, N
  • Labor Migration to Austria - Czech and Slovak Temporary Workers to Vienna
  • Lower Austria GenWeb
  • Modern Austria - (Since 1918)
  • Nations Online - Country profile

    U, V, W
  • Upper Austria GenWeb - AustriaGenWeb, EastEuropeGenWeb and EastEuropeGenWeb
  • Vienna GenWeb ~ Wien - Tracing your Ancestors in Vienna
  • Wikipedia - Austria-Hungary (the free Encyclopedia)
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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  • AZERBAIJAN (Islamic Republic of)

    — Updated for:  Mar 10, 2014
    Capital of Azerbaijan:  Baku
    Government of Azerbaijan (click on flag)

    A, D
  • Azerbaijan - Basic Facts About Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan Genealogy Queries - (
  • Demographics of Azerbaijan - (WikiPedia)

  • Emblem

    M, W
  • Maps - Perry-Casta eda Library Map Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Memorable Days in Azerbaijan History - National Holidays and memorable days
  • Wikipedia - History of Azerbaijan (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia)
  • World Factbook - prepared by the Centeral Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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