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    Genealogy & History Library Links - The "Gateway" to this site. Updated weekly (Surnames, Domestic &
      Foreign Resources. Sunday additions also include, WEB SITE OF THE WEEK and BOOK SHELF SELECTIONS.
          U.S.A. (domestic) Resources Links - U.S.A. (domestic) Links gateway page
            (listed by State A-Z).
          African Roots - African-American Links gateway page (links of general history, genealogy
            and interest).
          Cemetery Links - Cemetery Links gateway page to Domestic Cemeteries, listed to/from
            each State's page.
          D.A.R. Links - DAR Links gateway page to National & DAR sites, listed to/from each State's page.
          Native American Links - Anthropology links listed by States, weblinks, news & Nations, listed
            to/from each State's page.
          Railroad Links - Links to railroads as they contributed to history, listed to/from each State's page.
          Shipping Links - Immigration ports (listed by State), listed to/from each State's page.
          State Flags & Seals - Flag, Seal and Symbols, listed to/from each State's page.

          Family Surnames Links - Surname Links gateway page (includes site search facility).
          Ancestral Charts - Pedigrees for anyone who provides the information. It's free!
          Etymology of names - A list of "given names" and a bit of their "roots".
          Nicknames - Nicknames crosslinked with our Entymology of names pages.
          Seeking Surnames - A list of those surnames sought by family & friends.
          Surname Archives - Our Surname list (all in one spot) with last update dates.

          International Resources Links - International Resources [36 pages] listed by country.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Arab.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Acadian (Cajun).
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Carpatho-Rusyn.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Celtic.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - European.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Hispanic.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Jewish.
              Regional & Ethnic Links - Sorbs-Wends.
          Irish Clan Links - Clan and Society Links listings.
          Scottish Clan Links - Clan, Society, Scottish "Dictionary" Links


      Genealogy Tools - Includes links for terms, coding, occupations, Historical Personalities and wars.
      Events Calendar - Genealogy events, family reunions and other events listings.
      Monthly Newsletters - A monthly offering of tips, hints and articles by our Genealogists.
      Recommended Reading - A listing of books of interest to Genealogists & Historians.


      An Apple A Day - Pages of "stuff and nonsense" for a bit of fun and interest.
          What is a Bad Apple? - Explanation of the Genealogy Club.
          The Apple Basket - "Gateway page" for club member pages.
          How Ripe are the Apples - For those enjoying a birthday month.
          Apple Weather - Weather page for Bad Apples.
          Fall from the tree... - Genealogical, Historical and other "trips".
          Apples Get Graphic - Graphics for use on our Message Board.
          Some Apples are Fried - Food for our families (with a bit of "history")
          Apple Game pages - Identification Game of Historical, Geographic, Genealogical topics.
      Blogs - Blogs of interest to Genealogists and Historians.
      Contributors - A series of Biographies representing each volunteer staff member.
      Website of the Week - (WSOTW) Links of general interest to our friends and visitors.

      Interactive Page - A page filled with goodies for everyone.
          Chat Room - Our very own "chat room". It's yours to use.
          Contact the WebMaster - Send the WebMaster an E-mail.
          E-Mail List - Join our E-mail list to stay informed about site offerings and data.
          Message Board - Our Message Board for chit-chat, genealogical questions, etc..
          Reader's Poll - A Poll of interest (when in process).

      Site Map - This page.
      Spotlight - Blog of the month and Bloggers.
      WebMaster's Newsletter - General news and notes regarding weekly updates.

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