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State of   OREGON -   (The Beaver State)
      The 33rd U.S. State to join the Union:   14-February-1859
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Assorted Groups  (Anthology, Cultural, Ethnic, & Religious):
    Yugoslavian Community - On any given Sunday afternoon, you can hear sounds of
         Serbo-Croatian slicing through the smell of Torrefazione's Italian coffee in the
         northwest area of town known as Little Serbia. No, this is not New York. This is
         Portland, Oregon, (also see Multnomah Co.)
    Volga Germans - This site is an online resource for learning about the settlement of this
         ethnic group in Oregon. (also see Multnomah Co.)

Note:  These items are presented as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the WebMaster, in any way, endorses any stereotypes which may be implied by the linked web sites.


Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
  Please click here - (Counties we have listed),   (To list a local society, please contact us.)

Historical interest Items, etc.:
    Historical Timeline - Oregon
    Historical Travel Photographs - 1935-1984, Oregon Department of Transportation
    Old Oregon Maps - 1843 to 1859
    Oregon - "A Place Called Oregon" (History & Genealogy)
    Oregon - Perry-Castaņeda Library Oregon Map Collection


Libraries & Newspapers:
    Oregon Digital Library Project - The Hannon Library digital collections


Migrations to, from and through:
    Virginia West to Oregon - list of surnames that made the trek
    Volga Germans in Portland - This site is an online resource for learning about the
         settlement of this ethnic group in Oregon. (also see Multnomah Co.)
    Wagon Train of 1843 - The Great Migration


Oregon Research - Types of Records [available] for Oregon Research
Oregon State Archives - 50th Anniversary Exhibit
Oregon State Archives - Historic Photograph Database
Oregon State Archives - Land Records
Oregon Trail - All about the trail.
Oregon Trail - Crossing the USA, 1843-2000
Oregon Trail - Links to the Oregon Trail

Postcards from Oregon - A Travel Site for the Nostalgic & Historic Minded (Legends of

Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers - The Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers was
         established by the children of the elderly members of the Oregon Pioneer Assn.
  • State of Oregon
  • State Capital City Salem   (Capital since 1855 - located in   Marion Co.)

    The State name:  Comments hereThe name Oregon is not certain. One theory: the name comes from the French Canadian word "ouragan" meaning "storm" or "hurricane." It's thought that the Columbia River was at one time called "the river of storms" by Canadian fur traders plying their trade in the area.
              Another suggestion is that the name of the state came from the Spanish word "orejon" meaning "big-ear", a term applied to many tribes.
              A third suggests that the name of this state comes from the Spanish word "or!"gano", for the wild sage which grows vigorously in Oregon.
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    Co. maps of Oregon
    Daughters of the American Revolution
    General History
    Migration Patterns
    State Archives (Govt.)
    State Archives (USGenWeb.)
    State Genealogy Forum
    State Genealogical Society
    State Historical Society
    State USGenWeb Site
    Symbols (Flag, Seal, etc.)
    Timeline (Historic)

    U.S.A. - General Information links page
    U.S.A. - Possessions & Territories

    Vital Records:
        Black Sheep Ancestors - Prisons & Convicts.
        Obituaries - Online Oregon Death Records & Indexes
        Oregon Obituary Database - Contains obituaries for several listed Counties.
        Portland Birth Index - Oregon State Archives

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