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State of   OKLAHOMA -   (The Sooner State)
      The 46th U.S. state to join the Union:   16-November-1907
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Along the Chisholm Trail - In the latter half of the 19th Century, cattlemen rounded up
         longhorns by the millions in Texas, cropped their ears, branded their hides, and
         drove them north across the Indian Nations into Kansas. Somewhere along the way,
         without intending to do more than work for a hard day's pay and board, they
         launched the legend of the American cowboy.

Assorted Groups  (Anthology, Cultural, Ethnic, & Religious):
    Germans - By 1890 there were 739 German-born residents of Oklahoma Territory. A
         decade later the German-born exceeded five thousand, and that number more than
         doubled to ten thousand by 1910. In addition, by 1910 there were more than thirty
         thousand American-born Oklahomans whose mother and/or father had been born in
— Oklahoma Historical Society.
    Indian Territory - Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men (reprint 1892)
    The Twin Territories - (OK/IT GenWeb) More and more people from all over the United
         States are researching to prove their ancestor was an Indian.

Note:  These items are presented as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the WebMaster, in any way, endorses any stereotypes which may be implied by the linked web sites.


Baptist Orphan's Home - Please browse through our Historical Timeline / Museum for a
         complete history of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children..

Bars, Dives & Saloons in early Oklahoma:
    (If you know of any additions, please contact us.)
   Early Saloons in Perry - A list of over 30 "establishments" of the day
   The book - High Times and Low Lifes at The Sand Bar Town Saloons
   The 89er Saloon - Where can a fellow get a drink in this town?


Census  (& related Lists of various kinds):
    1860 Census - Creek Nation, Slave Schedules.

    Cherokee Heritage Center - Education, Genealogy, News and more... (Tahlequah).
    Chronicles of Oklahoma - Oklahoma Historical Society.
    Cvil War - Cvil War in Indian Territory, Index Page.

Early Oklahoma History Biographies - These are biographies of early Oklahoma explorers,
         settlers, and other historical figures from early Oklahoma.

First Created Counties of Oklahoma
    Before statehood in 1907, seven counties were outlined and were designated as the
         First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Counties, They were:
          Logan, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Canadian, Kingfisher, Payne, and Beaver Counties.
    As other counties were added, they were designated by letters of the alphabet, they
         were:  "K" Kay Co., "L" Grant Co., "M" Woods Co., "N" Woodward Co.,
         "O" Garfield Co., "P" Noble Co. and "Q" Pawnee Co..
Five Civlized Tribes in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) - Final Roll Index: An index to the
         names of individuals entitled to enrollment on the rolls of the various tribes
         comprising the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
  Please click here - (Counties we have listed),   (To list a local society, please contact us.)

Historical interest Items, etc.:
    Exploring Oklahoma History - is just for the fun of seeing what there
         is to see in the great state of Oklahoma, and to possibly learn a little something
         along the way.


Indian Territory - Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men (reprint 1892)
Indian Territory GenWeb - (OK/IT GenWeb) More and more people from all over the United States are researching to prove their ancestor was an Indian.

Libraries & Newspapers:
    Oklahoma Department of Libraries - Digital Prairie (Documents, Images
         and Information).


Oklahoma State Capitol Art - by Enoch Kelly Haney
Oklahoma State Capitol Dome - Information, Design, History and Building Team
OKOLHA - (Oklahoma Outlaws Lawmen History Association)

Settlers and History - More than 50 languages are spoken in the state of Oklahoma. The
         colorful history of the state includes Indians, cowboys, battles, oil discoveries, dust
         storms, settlements initiated by offers of free land, and forced resettlements of etire
Southwest Oklahoma History - Southwest Oklahoma counties of 1900 Blaine, Custer, Day,
         Dewey, Roger Mills, Washita (from Cheyenne and Arapaho lands), Greer (later
         subdivided to Beckham, Jackson and Harmon counties), Wichita land (later Caddo
         County), and Kiowa, Comanche and Apache land (later Comanche, Cotton, Kiowa,
         Tillman counties and part of Stephens Co.). Day Co. was abolished at statehood,
         becoming the northern portion of Roger Mills Co. and southern portion of Ellis Co..

  • State of Oklahoma
  • State Capital City Oklahoma City   (Capital since 1910 - located in   Oklahoma Co.)
    Previously Guthrie, Logan Co., Oklahoma (1907 - 1910)        

    The State name:  Oklahoma is a word made of two Choctaw words, "ukla"  meaning person and "humá"  meaning red. Oklahoma means "red person".
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    American Local History Network
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    Co. maps of Oklahoma
    Daughters of the American Revolution
    General History
    Migration Patterns
    State Archives (Govt.)
    State Archives (USGenWeb.)
    State Genealogy Forum
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    Symbols (Flag, Seal, etc.)
    Timeline (Historic)

    Statehood Wanted - a brief synopsis of the Oklahoma Territory and eventual Statehood.

    U.S.A. - General Information links page
    U.S.A. - Possessions & Territories

    Washita Battlefield National Park

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