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State of   MISSOURI -   (The Show Me State)
      The 24th U.S. state to join the Union:   10-August-1821
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Extinct Missouri Counties:: (not linked unless noted, ):
    (If you know of more to be added, please contact us.)
County Name
Clark -

Decatur -

Dodge -
Hempstead -

Kinderhook -

Lawrence -

Lillard -

Niangua -
Rives -

Seneca -
Van Buren -
Factual information
Formed in 1818, was abolished in 1819 and became part of Arkansas Territory.
         Not the current Clark County, Missouri.
Formed in 1841 as Ozark County, renamed in 1843 to Decatur County, renamed
         back to Ozark County in 1845.
Formed in 1849. Abolished in 1853.
Formed in 1818 from New Madrid County. Abolished in 1819 and became part of
         the Arkansas Territory.
Formed in1841 from Benton County, Pulaski County, and Morgan County,
         renamed in 1843 to Camden County.
Formed in 1815 from New Madrid County. Abolished in 1819 and became part of
         the Arkansas Territory.
Formed in 1821 from Cooper County Abolished in 1825, area incorporated into
         Jackson County and LaFayette County.
Formed in 1841 from Polk County, renamed in 1844 to Dallas County.
Formed in 1834 from LaFayette County, renamed to Henry County and St. Clair
         County in 1841.
Formed in 1847 from Newton County, renamed to McDonald County in 1849.
Formed as Van Buren County, renamed to Cass County in 1849.

Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
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County Name

       A ——
Adair -
Andrew -
Atchison -
Audrain -
Audrain -

       B ——
Barry -
Barton -
Bates -
Benton -
Bollinger -
Bollinger -
Butler -
Butler -

       C ——
Callaway -
Camden -
Camden -
Cape Girardeau -
Cass -
Cass -
Cedar -
Chariton -
Clay -
Clay -
Cole -
Crawford -

       D ——
Dade -
Daviess -
DeKalb -

       G ——
Greene -
Greene -
Grundy -

       H ——
Henry -
Holt -

       I ——
Iron -
Iron -

       J ——
Jackson -
Jackson -
Jasper -
Jasper -
Jefferson -
Jefferson -
Johnson -

       K ——
Knox -

       L ——
Livingston -

       M ——
Macon -
McDonald -
McDonald -
McDonald -
Mercer -
Monroe -
Montgomery -
Morgan -

       N ——
Newton -
Newton -

       O ——
Ozark -

       P ——
Perry -
Pettis -
Phelps -
Platte -
Platte -
Polk -
Pulaski -
Putnam -

       R ——
Ralls -
Randolph -
Ray -
Ripley -

       S ——
Saint Charles -
Saint Clair -
Saint Francois -
Saint Louis -
Saint Louis -
Saint Louis -
Saint Louis -
Scott -
Shannon -
Shelby -
Stoddard -
Stoddard -
Stone -
Sullivan -

       T ——
Taney -
Texas -

       V ——
Vernon -

       W ——
Warren -
Warren -
Warren -
Washington -
Washington -
Wayne -
Webster -
Worth -
Wright -
Society Name and Location

Adair County Historical Society (Kirksville, MO)
Andrew County Museum and Historical Society (Savannah, MO)
Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society (St. Joseph, MO)
Audrain County Area Genealogical Society (Mexico, MO)
Audrain County Historical Society (Mexico, MO)

Barry County Genealogical and Historical Society (Cassville, MO)
Barton County Genealogical Society (Lamar, MO)
Bates County Historical Society (Butler, MO)
Benton County Historical Society (Warsaw, MO)
Bollinger County Archives and Genealogical Center (Marble Hill, MO)
Bollinger County Historical Society (Marble Hill, MO)
Butler County Genealogical Society (Poplar Bluff, MO)
Butler County Historical Society (Poplar Bluff, MO)

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society (Fulton City, MO)
Camden County Genealogical Association (Camdenton, MO)
Camden County History Museum (Camdenton, MO)
Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society (Jackson, MO)
Cass County Genealogical Society (Harrisonville, MO)
Cass County Historical Society (Harrisonville, MO)
Cedar County Historical Society Museum & Genealogy Center (Stockton, MO)
Chariton County Historical Society & Museum (Salisbury, MO)
Clay County Museum & Historical Society (Liberty, MO)
Northland Genealogical Society (Parkville, MO)
Cole County Historical Society (Jefferson City, MO)
Crawford County Historical Society & Museum (Cuba, MO)

Dade County Genealogical Society (Greenfield, MO)
Daviess County Historical Society (Gallatin, MO)
DeKalb County Historical Society (Maysville, MO)

Greene County Historical Society (Springfield, MO)
Ozarks Genealogical Society (Springfield, MO)
Grundy County Genealogical Society (Trenton, MO)

Henry County Historical Society (Clinton, MO)
Holt County Historical Society (Fortescue, MO)

Iron County Genealogy Society (Arcadia, MO)
Iron County Historical Society (Ironton, MO)

Jackson County Genealogical Society (Independence, MO)
Jackson County Historical Society (Independence, MO)
Jasper County Historical Society (Carthage, MO)
Webb City Area Genealogical Society (Webb City, MO)
Jefferson County Genealogical Society (High Ridge, MO)
Jefferson County Historical Society (De Soto, MO)
Johnson County Historical Society (Warrensburg, MO)

Knox County Historical Society (Edina, MO)

Grand River Historical Society Museum (Chillicothe, MO)

Macon County Historical Society (Macon, MO)
McDonald County Genealogical Society (Pineville, MO)
McDonald County Historical Society and Museum (Pineville, MO)
McDonald County Historical Society Blog (Pineville, MO)
Mercer County Genealogical & Historical Society (Princeton, MO)
Monroe County Historical Society (Paris, MO)
Montgomery County Historical Society & Museum (Montgomery City, MO)
Morgan County Historical Society & Museum (Versailles, MO)

Newton County Historical Society (Neosho, MO)
Genealogy Friends of the Library (Neosho, MO)

Ozark County Genealogical & Historical Society (Gainesville, MO)

Perry County Historical Society (Perryville, MO)
Pettis County Historical Society (Sedalia, MO)
Phelps County Historical Society, Inc. (Rolla, MO)
Northland Genealogical Society (Parkville, MO)
Platte County Historical & Genealogical Society (Platte City, MO)
Polk County Genealogical Society (Boliver, MO)
Genealogy/Historical Society of Pulaski County (Waynesville, MO)
Putnam County Historical & Genealogical Societies & Museum (Unionville, MO)

Ralls County Historical Society - (Perry, MO)
Randolph County Historical Society (Moberly, MO)
Ray County Genealogical Association (Richmond, MO)
Ripley County Historical Society (Doniphan, MO)

St. Charles County Historical Society (St. Charles, MO)
St. Clair County Historical Society (Osceloa, MO)
St. Francois County Historical Society (Farmington, MO)
Genealogical Society of Central Missouri(Columbia, MO)
St. Louis Genealogical Society (St. Louis, MO)
St. Louis History Museum (St. Louis, MO)
Wildwood Historical Society (Wildwood, MO)
Scott County Historical & Genealogy Society (Benton, MO)
Shannon County Historical & Genealogical Society (Winona, MO)
Shelby County, Missouri Historical Society (Shelbina, MO)
Stars and Stripes Museum & Library Association (Bloomfield, MO)
Stoddard County Historical Society (Dexter, MO)
Stone County Historical and Genealogical Society (Galena, MO)
Sullivan County Historical Society (Milan, MO)

White River Valley Historical Society (Forsyth, MO)
Ozarks Genealogy Society (Springfield, MO)

Vernon County Historical Society (Nevada, MO)

Innsbrook Historical Society (Innsbrook, MO)
Warren County Genealogical Society (Warrenton, MO)
Warren County Historical Society (Warrenton, MO)
Mine Au Breton Historical Society (Potosi, MO)
Washington Historical Society & Museums (Washington, MO)
Wayne County Historical Society (Facebook) (?????, MO)
Webster County Historical Society (Marshfield, MO)
Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society (St. Joseph, MO)
Wright County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc. (Hartville, MO)

— Serving multiple areas —
White River Valley Historical Society - Serving Barry, Christian, Ozark, Stone and
         St. Charles Counties.

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