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State of   MAINE -   (The Pine Tree State)
      The 23rd U.S. State to join the Union:   15-March-1820
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Extinct Maine Counties:: (not linked unless noted, ):
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County Name

Devonshire -

York -
Factual information

District of Maine, Massachusetts Bay Colony (1674 1675) was a short-lived
         county formed during the colonial territorial disputes between the Province
         of Massachusetts and the Province of Maine. The county existed from
         1674 to 1675.
Massachusetts (land that later became state of Maine)
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Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
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County Name

       A ——
Androscoggin -
Androscoggin -
Aroostook -
Aroostook -

       C ——
Cumberland -
Cumberland -
Cumberland -
Cumberland -
Cumberland -
Cumberland -
Cumberland -

       F ——
Franklin -

       H ——
Hancock -
Hancock -

       K ——
Kennebec -
Kennebec -
Kennebec -
Kennebec -
Kennebec -
Knox -

       L ——
Lincoln -
Lincoln -
Lincoln -

       O ——
Oxford -
Oxford -

       P ——
Penobscot -
Penobscot -
Piscataquis -
Piscataquis -

       S ——
Somerset -
Somerset -

       W ——
Waldo -
Waldo -
Waldo -
Waldo -

       Y ——
York -
Society Name and Location

Androscoggin Historical Society (Auburn, ME)
Lewiston Historical Commission (Lewiston, ME)
Allagash Historical Society (Allagash, ME)
Aroostook Historical and Art Museum (Houlton, ME)

Bridgton Historical Society (Bridgton, ME)
Falmouth Historical Society & Museums (Falmouth, ME)
Gray Historical Society (Gray, ME)
Greater Portland Chapter Maine Genealogy Society (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Pejepscot Genealogy Society (Brunswick, ME)
Scarborough Historical Society and Museum (Scarborough, ME)
Windham Historical Society (Windham, ME)

Sandy River Valley Chapter of the Maine Genealogy Society (Farmington, ME)

Hancock County Genealogical Society (Ellsworth, ME)
Tremont Historical Society, Country Store Museum (Bass Harbor, ME)

Kennebec Historical Society (Augusta, ME)
Maine Archives and Museums (Augusta, ME)
Oakland Area Genealogical Society (Oakland, ME)
Taconnett Falls Chapter Maine Genealogy Society (Winslow, ME)
Vienna Historical Society (Vienna, ME)
Thomaston Historical Society & Museum (Thomaston, ME)

Boothbay Region Historical Society (Boothbay Harbor, ME)
Lincoln County Historical Association (Wiscasset, ME)
Old Broad Bay Family History Association (Waldboro, ME)

Bethel Historical Society (Bethel, ME)
Oxford County Genealogy Notebook (Oxford, ME) Note:  This listing is a BLOG
         site, which incorporates a branch in each of the listed Townships.

Dexter Historical Society (Dexter, MA)
Penobscot County Genealogical Society (Bangor, ME)
Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society (Dover-Foxcroft, ME)
Wassebec Genealogical Society (Guilford, ME)

Embden Historical Society (Embden, ME)
Old Canada Road Historical Society (Bingham, ME)

Belfast Historical Society & Museum (Belfast, ME)
Islesboro Historical Society (Islesboro, ME)
Lincolnville Historical Society & Museum (Lincolnville, ME)
Oakland Area Hisorical Society (Oakland, ME)

Kennebunkport Historical Society (Kennebunkport, ME)

— Serving multiple areas —
Maine Archives and Museums - Doing genealogical or historical research? If you are
         conducting genealogical, historical, or other scholarly research, you can search to
         obtain the contact information for Maine's archives and historical societies and other
         places of interest.

* When you tell us about your Surname(s) quest, by posting your Surnames on our Message Board, we will gladly set out to find as many listings, within time, for your particular SURNAME(S). If you wish, we will also be happy to provide you with your own Ancestors listing.
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