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State of   LOUISIANA -   (The Pelican State)
      The 18th U.S. State to join the Union:   30-April-1812
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Assorted Groups  (Anthology, Cultural, Ethnic, & Religious): - genealogy, history and culture.
    German-American Cultural Center - Located in the heart of Gretnas National Register
         Historic District, settled by German immigrants in the mid-1880s, the German-
         American Cultural Center (GACC) celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 30, 2009.
         The GACC interprets the unique German immigrant contribution to Louisiana's
         history through exhibits, lectures, programs, and other educational activities.
    Language of French Louisiana (Cajun) - What language do the Acadians speak? The
         answer is sort of obvious (Cajun French), but that should be qualified a bit...
    Louisiana Creole people - Louisiana Creole refers to people of various racial
         backgrounds who are descended from the colonial French settlers, African-
         Americans, and Native Americans from the time before the Louisiana territory
         became a possession of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase (1803).
    The Origins of Louisiana Creole - What is meant by the terms "Creole" and "Louisiana
         Creole"? There have been quite a few different definitions of Louisiana Creole (LC)
         and Creole in general. According to Albert Valdman, the word Creole originates
         from crioulo or criolo, which entered the French Language from the Spanish, which
         in turn probably derives from the past tense crialdo of the verb crier (from the Latin
         creare), which means "servants raised in the master's house."

Note:  These items are presented as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the WebMaster, in any way, endorses any stereotypes which may be implied by the linked web sites.


Census & Lists of various kinds:
    1840 Census - 1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment - CSA, (AKA, Scott's Cavalry Regiment)
    Census Online - Louisiana Census Records Online

Civil War in Louisiana - Research Your Civil War Ancestor
Colonial Louisiana History and Genealogy - Research Your Civil War Ancestor

Extinct Louisiana Parishes:: (not linked unless noted, ):
    (If you know of more to be added, please contact us.)
Parish Name
Baton Rouge -

Carroll -

Feliciana -

Factual information
Created in 1792 in the West Floridas area. The land was divided into East & West
         Baton Rouge Parishes in 1810.
Formed from in Ouachita and Concordia Parishes 1832, it was split into East
         Carroll and West Carroll Parishes in 1877.
Formed in 1810 from Spanish West Florida, it was split into East Feliciana and
         West Feliciana in 1824.
More information here soon, if/when we find it.


Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
  Please click on graphic below, " " (if present)  for the entire GHLL county "package"
  (To list a local society, please contact us.)

Parish Name
Acadia -

Beauregard -

Calcasleu -

E. Baton Rouge -
Evangeline -

Jefferson -
Jefferson -

Lafourche -
Lafayette -

Madison -

Orleans -
Orleans -
Ouachita -

Rapides -

St. John
The Baptist
St Landry -
St. Tammany -

Vermilion -

Winn -
Society Name and Location
Acadia Parish Genealogical & Historical Society (Crowley, LA

Ragley Histroical Society (Ragley, LA

Southwest Louisiana Historical Association (Lake Charles, LA

Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society (Baton Rouge, LA)
Evangeline Genealogical & Historical Society (Ville Platte, LA)

Jefferson Genealogical Society (Metairie, LA)
Jefferson Historical Society (Harvey, LA)

Lafourche Heritage Society (Thibodaux, LA)
Lafayette Genealogical Society (Lafayette, LA)

Madison Historical Society (Tallulah, LA)

Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
Jewish Genealogical Society of New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
Ouachita Genealogical Society (West Monroe, LA)

Central Louisiana Genealogical Society (Alexandria, LA)

German-Acadian Coast Historical and Genealogical Society (Destrehan, LA)
Imperial St. Landry Genealogical Society (Opelousas, LA)
Saint Tammany Genealogical Society (Covington, LA)

Vermilion Historical Society (Destrehan, LA)

Winn Genealogical & Historical Association (Winnfield, LA)


Historical interest Items, etc.:
    Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy 1719-1821 - Search the Database, Miscellaneous
         Searches, View Original Documents, Downloads, Dr. Hall's Calculations,
         About Feedback.
    Historical Maps and Panoramas - A collection of links to a variety of maps, panoramas,
         and other useful Web sites on the streets, wards, and geographic features of
         New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Civil War in Louisiana - Research Your Civil War Ancestor
    Colonial Louisiana History and Genealogy - Research Your Civil War Ancestor
    Map showing all Parishes


Libraries & Newspapers:
    LOUISiana Digital Library - An online library of Louisiana institutions that provides
         over 144,000 digital materials.

1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, CSA - sometimes referred to as Scott's Cavalry Regiment.
Louisiana History Teachers - Louisiana 101.


Migrations to, from and through:
    Canary Islands Settlers - Since the late 1600s, Spain had encouraged the Canary
         Islanders to move to the Caribbean colonies. After Spain acquired Louisiana in 1762,
         it recognized the need to populate the territory.
    Hungarian-American - Migration to Louisiana


National Parks, Playgrounds, Recreational Areas etc.:
    Acadian Memorial Monument - A cruel twist of international politics cast most of
         them out of Acadie and into exile in the American colonies, Britain and France.
    Jean Lafitte National Historic Park - The park consists of physically separate units
         scattered throughout south Louisiana's Delta Region.


State Archives - Confederate Pension Applications Index
  • State of Louisiana
  •   State Capital CityBaton Rouge (Capital since 1812 - located in East Baton Rouge Parish)

    The State name:  Louisiana is another state, along with Illinois, that bears the mark of Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle. The first European to descend the Mississippi River to the delta, this French explorer named the area La Louisianne after Louis XIV of France in 1682.
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    American Local History Network
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    Cemetery Listings
    County maps of Louisiana
    Daughters of the American Revolution
    General History
    Migration Patterns
    State Archives (Govt.)
    State Archives (USGenWeb.)
    State Genealogy Forum
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    State USGenWeb Site
    Symbols (Flag, Seal, etc.)
    Timeline (Historic)

    U.S.A. - General Information links page
    U.S.A. - Possessions & Territories

    Vital Records:
        Louisiana Marriage Records - I Dream of Genealogy... tracing the records of time.
        Wedding Bells (data base)


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