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State of   IOWA -   (The Hawkeye State)
      The 29th U.S. State to join the Union:   28-December-1846
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Extinct Iowa Counties:: (not linked unless noted, ):
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County Name
Bancroft -

Belknap -

Buncombe -

Cook -

Crocker -

Fox -

Grimes -

Kishkekosh -

Risley -

Slaughter -

Wahkaw -

Yell -
Factual information
Was created by act of the Legislature in 1851 from a portion of old Fayette and
         embraced the twelve northern townships of what is now Kossuth County,
         extending to the Minnesota line, making an area of four hundred four
         square miles. The county was named in honor of George Bancroft, the
         historian. In January, 1853, it was attached to Boone County for election,
         revenue and judicial purposes. In 1855 by act of the General Assembly it
         was made a part of Kossuth and Bancroft County ceased to exist. No
         county-seat was established and no organization of a county government
         was performed.
Was created by act of General Assembly in 1874. In compliance with the
         Constitution of the proposition to establish this county was submitted to
         a vote of the electors residing in the county of Pottawattamie which it
         proposed to divide and at this election was rejected so that Belknap County
         ceased to exist. The name was given in honor of General William W.
         Belknap, a distinguished Iowa officer in the Civil War and afterwards,
         Secretary of War in the Cabinet of President U.S. Grant.
Was established in 1851 and named for an officer in the War of the Revolution.
         At the extra session of the Ninth General Assembly in September, 1862,
         the name was changed to Lyon.
Was established from territory originally embraced in Demoine County, on
         07-Dec-1836. The county was never organized and the following year the
         territory was divided among other counties created by act of the legislature
         on 21-Dec-1837.
Was created by an act of the Legislature of 1870, it was named for General M.
         Crocker of Iowa, a distinguished officer of the Civil War. The county-seat
         was located at Greenwood and the organization was completed in October,
         1870. In December, 1871, the Supreme Court of Iowa declared the act
         creating this county a violation of the constitution, which in article eleven
         declares that no new county shall be created which contains less than four
         hundred thirty two square miles. Crocker County ceased to exist from and
         after the rendition of that decision and its territory reverted to Kossuth
Was created by act of the General Assembly in 1851 and named for the Fox
         Indians. It was attached to Polk County but never organized under that
         name. In January, 1853, the name was changed to Calhoun.
Was created by act of the Sixteenth General Assembly in 1876, embracing
         twelve townships lying in ranges thirty-eight, thirty-nine and forty of
         Pottawattamie County. The act provided in compliance with a provision of
         the Constitution, that the proposition should be submitted to a vote of the
         electors of 1876. The division of the county was defeated at that election
         and the new county was never organized. It was named for Ex-Governor
         James W. Grimes, for many years a distinguished member of the United
         States Senate.
Was created in February, 1843, and named for a famous Fox Indian chief. It was
         organized in July, 1845, when E.S. Rand, Israel Kister and J.A. Galligher
         were appointed commissioners to locate the county-seat. They chose a site
         where Albia now stands, and a town was laid out named Princeton. On the
         1st of August, 1846, the name of the county was changed to Monroe and
         the county of Kishkekosh ceased to exist.
Was created in 1851 and embraced the territory now constituting the county of
         Hamilton. It was attached to Polk and afterwards to Boone for election,
         revenue and judicial purposes. In the same month, by an act of the
         Legislature, the county of Webster was created embracing the territory of
         both Risley and Yell counties by which act these two ceased to exist. An
         act of the same session which took affect before the union of these two
         counties, changed the name of Risley to Webster, so that for a period of
         five months and nine days the former county of Risley (now Hamilton) was
         Webster County. This came from the fact that the act changing the name
         of Risley to Webster took affect upon publication January 22, 1853, while
         the act consolidating Yell and Risley did not become a law until the
         following first of July.
Was created in January, 1838, and embraced a portion of the territory now
         included in the counties of Louisa, Muscatine and Henry. It was named for
         William B. Slaughter, Secretary of the Territory of Wisconsin. The county-
         seat was located at Astoria where the first courts were held in 1837 by
         Judges Irwin and Williams. the citizens of the county were dissatisfied with
         the name which had been secured through the manipulations of the
         obscure official whose name it bore and, upon petition the Legislature
         relieved them by changing the boundaries of the county and naming it
Was created in 1851 by act of the Legislature from the territory originally
         embraced in Benton when that county extended to the Missouri River. The
         bill which created this county when reported to the Senate gave the name
         of "Floyd" in memory of Sergeant Floyd of the Lewis and Clark expedition
         who died in camp in 1804 and was buried on the east side of the Missouri
         River south of Sioux City. The Senate passed the bill as introduced but it
         was amended in the House by striking out "Floyd" and inserting
         "Wahkaw," an Indian name. An act of the Legislature approved January,
         12, 1853, provided for the organization of the county and selected
         commissioners to locate the county-seat, the name of which should be
         Sergeant's Bluff. A later act of the same Legislature changed the name of
         the county to Woodbury, and on 22d of January, 1853, Wahkaw County
         ceased to exist.
Was created by an act of the General Assembly in 1851 and embraced all of the
         present territory of Webster except the north tier of congressional
         townships. It was named for the second Governor of Arkansas, Colonel
         Archibald Yell, who was killed at the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican
         War. The county had never been organized up to 1853, when by act of the
         Legislature it was incorporated with the new county of Webster. This
         county was formed by uniting the former county of Webster, which had
         first been named Risley, with Yell County, making thirty-two congressional
         townships, to which the name of Webster was given. By this act the
         county of Yell ceased to exist.

Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
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County Name

       A ——
Adair -
Adair -
Adams -
Allamakee -
Appanoose -
Appanoose -
Audubon -
Audubon -

       B ——
Benton -
Benton -
Bremer -
Buchanan -
Buchanan -

       B ——
Calhoun -
Calhoun -
Carroll -
Cass -
Cass -
Cedar -
Cedar -
Cedar -
Chickasaw -
Clarke -
Clayton -
Clinton -
Crawford -

       D ——
Dallas -
Davis -
Decatur -
Decatur -
Dubuque -

       F ——
Fayette -
Fayette -
Floyd -

       G ——
Greene -
Guthrie -

       H ——
Hancock -
Harrison -
Harrison -
Howard -
Humboldt -

       I ——
Iowa -

       J ——
Jackson -
Jasper -
Jefferson -
Johnson -

       K ——
Keokuk -

       L ——
Lee -
Lee -
Linn -
Linn -
Louisa -
Lucas -
Lucas -

       M ——
Madison -
Marion -
Marshall -
Marshall -
Mitchell -
Montgomery -
Montgomery -

       P ——
Palo Alto -
Plymouth -
Pocahontas -
Pocahontas -
Pottawattamie -
Pottawattamie -
Pottawattamie -
Poweshiek -

       S ——
Sac -
Sac -
Scott -
Scott -
Shelby -
Sioux -
Story -
Story -

       U ——
Union -

       V ——
Van Buren -
Van Buren -

       W ——
Wapello -
Wapello -
Warren -
Warren -
Washington -
Washington -
Webster -
Winnebago -
Winneshiek -
Woodbury -
Worth -
Wright -
Wright -
Society Name and Location

Adair County Anquestors Genealogy Society (Greenfield, IA)
Adair County Heritage Museum (Greenfield, IA)
Adams County Genealogical Society (Corning, IA)
Allamakee County Historical Society & Museum (Waukon, IA)
Appanoose County Genealogical Society (Centerville, IA)
Appanoose County Historical Society (Centerville, IA)
Audubon County Genealogical Society (Audubon, IA)
Audubon County Historical Society & Museum (Audubon, IA)

Benton County Genealogical Society (Belle Plaine, IA)
Benton County Historical Society (Vinton, IA)
Bremer County Genealogical Society (Waverly, IA)
Buchanan County Genealogical Society (Independence, IA)
Buchanan County Historical Society (Independence, IA)

Calhoun County Historical Society (Rockwell City, IA)
Historical Society & Museum of Rockwell City (Rockwell City, IA)
Carroll County Genealogical Society (Carroll, IA)
Cass County Genealogical Society (Atlantic, IA)
Cass County Historical Society & Museum (Griswold, IA)
Cedar County Genealogical Society (Tipton, IA)
Cedar County Historical Society (Tipton, IA)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum (West Branch, IA)
Chickasaw County Genealogical Society (New Hampton, IA)
Clarke County Genealogical Society (Osceola, IA)
Clayton County Genealogical Society (Elkader, IA)
Clinton County Gateway Genealogical Society (Clinton, IA)
Crawford County Genealogical Society (Denison, IA)

Dallas County Genealogical Society (Dallas Center, IA)
Davis County Genealogical Society (Bloomfield, IA)
Decatur County Genealogical Society (Lamoni, IA)
Decatur County Historical Society (Leon, IA)
Dubuque County-Key City Genealogical Society (Dubuque, IA)

Fayette County Historical Society (West Union, IA)
Oelwein Area Historical Society (Oelwein, IA)
Floyd County Historical Society & Museum (Charles City, IA)

Greene County Genealogical Society (Belle Plaine, IA)
Guthrie County Genealogical Society (Panora, IA)

Hancock County Genealogy Society (Klemme, IA)
Harrison County Genealogical Society (Woodbine, IA)
Harrison County Historical Society (Logan, IA)
Howard-Winneshiek County Genealogy Society (Cresco, IA)
Humboldt County Historical Society & Museum (Dakota City, IA)

Iowa County Genealogical Society (Des Moines, IA)

Jackson County Historical Society (Maquoketa, IA)
Jasper County Genealogical Society (Newton, IA)
Jefferson County Genealogical Society (Fairfield, IA)
Johnson County Historical Society (Coralville, IA)

Keokuk County Historical Society (Sigourney, IA)

Lee County Genealogical Society (Maquoketa, IA)
North Lee County Historical Society (Keokuk, IA)
Linn County Genealogical Society (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Linn County Historical Society (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Louisa County Genealogy Committee (Wapello, IA)
Lucas County Genealogical Society (Blog) (Chariton, IA)
Lucas County Historical Society and Museum (Chariton, IA)

Madison County Historical Society (Winterset, IA)
Marion County Genealogical Society (Knoxville, IA)
Central Iowa Genealogical Society (Marshalltown, IA)
Historical Society of Marshall County (Marshalltown, IA)
Mitchell County Historical Society (Wapello, IA)
Montgomery County Genealogical Society (Red Oak, IA)
Montgomery County Historical Society (Red Oak, IA)

Palo Alto County Genealogical Society (Emmetsburg, IA)
Northwest Iowa Genealogical Society (Le Mars, IA)
Pocahontas County / Laurens Genealogical Society (Laurens, IA)
Pocahontas County Iowa Historical Society Museum (Laurens, IA)
Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society (Council Bluffs, IA)
Historical Society of Pottawattamie County (Council Bluffs, IA)
Walnut Genealogy Society (Walnut, IA)
Poweshiek County Historical & Genealogical Society (Montezuma, IA)

Sac County Genealogical Society (Sac City, IA)
The Odebolt Historical Museum (Odebolt, IA)
Scott County Genealogical Society (Davenport, IA)
Scott County Historic Preservation Society (Davenport, IA)
Nishnabotna Genealogical Society (Harlan, IA)
Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society (Sioux Center, IA)
Story County Genealogical Society (Ames, IA)
Story County Historical Society (Ames, IA)

Union County Genealogy Society (Creston, IA)

Van Buren County Genealogical Society (Keosauqua, IA)
Van Buren County Historical Society (Keosauqua, IA)

Wapello County Genealogical Society (Ottumwa, IA)
Wapello County Historical Museum & Historical Society (Ottumwa, IA)
Warren County Genealogical Society (Indianola, IA)
Warren County Historical Society & Museum (Indianola, IA)
Washington County Genealogical Society (Washington, IA)
Washington County Historical Society (Washington, IA)
Genealogical Society Of Webster County (Fort Dodge, IA)
Winnebago County Historical Society & Museum (Forest City, IA)
Howard-Winneshiek County Genealogy Society (Cresco, IA)
Woodbury County Genealogical Society (Sioux City, IA)
Worth County Historical Society & Museum (Northwood, IA)
Belmond Chapter (Wright County Historical Society) & Museum (Belmond, IA)
Wright County Genealogical Searchers (Clarion, IA)

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