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State of   ARKANSAS -   (The Natural State)
      The 25th U.S. State to join the Union:   15-Jun-1836
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Assorted Groups  (Anthology, Cultural, Ethnic, & Religious):
    American Indian Village - For thousands of years this sacred site was known as
         Ma-na-ta-ka (Place of Peace).
    Freed Men of the Frontier - African American Historical and Genealogical Resource Page
         (Ft. Smith, AR)
    Hispanics - "The growth in Hispanic population has been especially prevalent in towns
         offering low-skill jobs in the poultry industry, as well as in construction, timber, and
         other industries."

Note:  These items are presented as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the WebMaster, in any way, endorses any stereotypes which may be implied by the linked web sites.


Arkansas Civil War Information - There is no other legend quite like the Confederate
         fighting man. He reached the end of his haunted road long ago. He fought for a
         star-crossed cause and in the end he was beaten, but as he carried his slashed red
         battle flag into the dusky twilight of the Lost Cause he marched straight into a
         legend that will live as long as the American people care to remember anything
         about the American past
. --Bruce Canto
Civil War Buff - Civil War in Arkansas (The Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas)
Extinct Arkansas Counties::
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Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums:
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Historical interest Items, etc.:
    Arkansas History Commission - One of the oldest existing state agencies, the Arkansas
         History Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1905.
    Civil War in Arkansas - website includes hundreds of pages so you can find Civil War
         stories, Civil War soldiers buried in Arkansas and information about several groups
         in Arkansas dedicated to recording, reenacting and studying our Civil War heritage
         in Arkansas.
    Sons of Confederate Veterans - The Sons of Confederate Veterans is the direct heir of
         the United Confederate Veterans, and the oldest hereditary organization for male
         descendants of Confederate soldiers.
         EARLE, Fontaine Richard - was a Kentucky native and Cumberland Presbyterian
                   minister, and a Confederate States army officer.
         RUST, Albert - Brigadier General Albert Rust was one of the leading men of
                   Arkansas during the days of political strife that preceded the War Between
                   the States. He served the State of Arkansas ably as one of its
                   Representatives before the Congress of the United States. During his tenure
                   he devoted himself to defending the Southern interpretation of the
    Pea Ridge - 145th Anniversary of Battle of Pea Ridge Arkansas Remembered


Libraries & Newspapers:
    University of Arkansas Libraries - Special Collections.

National Parks, Playgrounds, Recreational Areas etc.:
    Arkansas Post National Memorial - Located at the confluence of two rivers,
         Arkansas Post has served as a gathering place for many cultures throughout human
         history. It represents cultural cooperation, conflict, synthesis, and diversity
    National Park Service - Fort Smith:  From the establishment of the first Fort Smith on
         December 25, 1817, to the final days of Judge Isaac C. Parker's jurisdiction over
         Indian Territory in 1896, Fort Smith National Historic Site preserves almost 80
         years of history.


    Postcards (Vintage) from Alaska - Collectible Old Antique Vintage Postcards.

Southwest Regional Archives - The Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives is a resource
          center for historical research, dedicated to the purpose of collecting and preserving
          primary source materials that bring together the unique history, culture, and
          heritage of Southwest Arkansas.
  • State of Arkansas
  • State Capital City Little Rock   (Capital since 1836 - located in   Pulaski County)

    The State name:  Arkansas is another form of Kansas and first appeared on a 1673 map of the region. The Kansas Indian tribe is a member of the Sioux nation.

    The Quapaw Indians lived west of the Mississippi River and north of the Arkansas River. The Quapaws were known as the "downstream people". Perhaps influenced, by French pronunciation of Indian names, the Algonkian-speaking Indians from the Ohio Valley called the Quapaws "Arkansas" meaning "south wind".

    The state is the only one with a pronunciation specified by law. Section 105 of Chapter 4 of Title 1 of the Arkansas code determined in 1881 the official, codified pronunciation of Arkansas: "It should be pronounced in three (3) syllables, with the final "s" silent, the "a" in each syllable with the Italian sound, and the accent on the first and last syllables." The same section states that the variation are-KAN-sas "is an innovation to be discouraged.
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    Vital Records:
        Arkansas Executions - Fort Smith 1873-1896
        Arkansas Naturization Records - Index to Arkansas Naturalization Records 1809-1906.
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