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State of   ARIZONA -   (The Grand Canyon State)
      The 48th U.S. State to join the Union:   14-February-1912
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Arizona Genealogy Advisory Board - AzGAB is a statewide non-profit organization
Arizona Pioneers Home Volunteers Association - We strive to preserve Arizona Pioneers'
         Home as an important historic institution and to position Arizona Pioneers' Home as
         a highly visible resource for residents throughout the state of Arizona.

Census & related Lists of various kinds:
    1860 Census - Arizona Territory, New Mexico Territory (Divisions). Index and text.
         PLEASE NOTE: The State of Arizona was (1) Spanish to 1821, (2) Mexican 1821-
         1848, (3) US Possession 1848, (4) New Mexico Territory 1850, (5) Territory 1863,
         (6) State 1912.
    1864 Census - Federal census for the First Judicial District, Arizona Territory (10 files).
    1883 Census - Arizona Territory list of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883.


Families and Surnames:
    Family History Society of Arizona - Serving Arizona and the entire USA.

Genealogical/Historical Commissions, Societies and Museums - GHLL listed and links
Ghost Towns - State of Arizona


Historical Interests:
    Arizona Memory Project - The Arizona Memory Project provides access to the wealth of
         primary sources in Arizona libraries, archives, museums and other cultural
         institutions. Visitors to the site will find some of the best examples of government
         documents, photographs, maps, and objects that chronicle Arizona's past and
    Maps - Historic Maps and Aerial views of Arizona.

Libraries & Newspapers:
    Arizona Digital Newspaper Program
    Arizona State Library - Arizona Memory Project, Archives and Public Records, a division
         of the Secretary of State.
    Cline Library, Northern Arizona University - Colorado Plateau Digital Archives Search.

Parks and Recreation:
Canyon de Chelly - National Park Service. (Also see, Apache County)

Post Cards (Vintage) - hundreds of cards.

Arizona WPA Project - Genealogists benefit from these WPA indexes and may not even
         know it. Microfilmed records and some online transcriptions originate from the work
         of WPA.
  • State of Arizona
  • State Capital City Phoenix   (Capital since 1889 - located in   Maricopa County)

    The State name:  Arizona, is derived from a combination of two words from the Papago Indian dialect of the Pima language; "Aleh" and "Zon" together as "Aleh-zon" meaning "little spring." The "little spring", located in Mexican territory, is near a large silver discovery made in Arizona Creek.
    American History and Genealogy Proj.
    American Local History Network
    Colonial Currency
    Cemetery Listings
    County maps of Arizona
    Daughters of the American Revolution
    General History
    Migration Patterns
    State Archives (Govt.)
    State Archives (USGenWeb.)
    State Genealogy Forum
    State Genealogical Society
    State Historical Society
    State USGenWeb Site
    Symbols (Flag, Seal, etc.)
    Timeline (Historic)

    U.S.A. - General Information links page
    U.S.A. - Possessions & Territories

    Vital Records:
        Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates - Arizona Department of Health Services
             (online search engine).
        Arizona Pensioners on the Roll - Arizona Territory, January 1, 1883: 1812 to 1883.


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