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State of North Dakota

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State Flag: ( click here - for enlarged view)

Emblazoned on a dark blue field is the state coat of arms. The goddess Liberty holds a pole with a Liberty Cap on top. Liberty stands for freedom. At her feet is a discarded crown, representing freedom from England at the end of the revolutionary war. On the right is the goddess, Justice. She wears a blindfold and carries the scales of justice. Meaning that everyone receives equal treatment under the law. The state motto "Excelsior" on a white ribbon expresses the idea of reaching upward to higher goals. On the shield a sun rises over the Hudson highlands and ships sail the Hudson river. Above the shield is an eagle resting on a globe representing the Western Hemisphere.

State Seal:

The Great Seal of the State of North Dakota is an attractive blend of images, symbols, and text. Prairies, mountains, agriculture, and the state's Indian heritage are all depicted on the official seal. In the center of the seal stands a single oak tree in the middle of wide open territory. A buffalo, followed by an Indian on horseback, moves across the land. Bundles of harvested wheat and a farmer's plow stand near the oak tree. A bow and arrows, and a sledge and anvil complete the scene. The motto "Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable" arcs over forty-two stars, symbolizing North Dakota's union with the other states. Around the perimeter of the seal are the date that North Dakota gained statehood, October 1st, 1889, and the words "Great Seal, State of North Dakota".

State Nickname:

The International Peace Garden straddles the international Boundary between North Dakota and the Canadian province of Manitoba. In 1956 the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department, on its own initiative, placed the words “Peace Garden State” on license plates; the name proved so popular that it was formally adopted by the 1957 legislature (North Dakota Century Code (NDCC), Section 39-04-12).

"Flickertail State" refers to the Richardson ground squirrels which are abundant in North Dakota. The animal flicks or jerks its tail in a characteristic manner while running or just before entering its burrow. In 1953 the Legislative Assembly defeated Senate Bill (S.B.) No. 134 that would have adopted the Flickertail facsimile as the official emblem of the state.

"Roughrider State" - This name originated in a state-supported tourism promotion of the 1960s and 70s. It refers to the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry which Theodore Roosevelt organized to fight in the Spanish-American War. In fact, the "Roughriders," which included several North Dakota cowboys, fought dismounted in Cuba due to logistical problems. In both 1971 (House Bill No. {H.B. No.} 1383) and 1973 (G.B. No. 1443) the Legislative Assembly defeated bills intended to change the words Peace Garden State on state license plates to Roughrider Country.

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