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Clan Lamont Septs

Black Blackie Blaik Blaikie Blake Bourdon Brough Broun Brown Burden Burdon Clement Douglas Forsyth Lamb Lambie Lammie Lammond Lamond Lamondson Lamont Landers Lemmon Lemond Limond Limont Lucas Luck Luckie Luke Lyon MacAldowie MacAlduie MacClement MacClymont MacEaracher MacErchar MacErracher MacFarquhar MacGilledow MacGillegowrie MacGorrie MacIldowie MacIlwhom MacIlzegowie MacKerchar MacKerracher MacLamond MacLemon MacLucas MacLuckie MacLuke MacLymont MacMunn MacPatrick MacPhorich MacPhun MacSorley Meikleham Meiklem Munn Paterson Patrick Sorley Supley Toward Towart Turner White Whyte

Clan Leask Septs

Leask Lask Lisk Liesk Leisk Laesk Lesh Lesk Leysk Laysk Leisk Laesk

Clan Leslie Septs

Abernethy Bartholomew Cairney Laing Leslie Lesley Lessely Lessley Lesslie More

Clan Lindsay Septs

Buyers Byers Cobb Crawford Deuchar Deuchars Downie Fotheringham Rhind Rhynd Summers Sumner

Clan Little Septs

Litel Litil Litill Litle Littell Littil Littill Little Littyll Lityl Lytil Lytle Lyttle Lyttille

* When you tell us about your Surname(s) search by using either the Push Pin Map, or by using the Message Board, we will gladly set out to find as many listings, within time, for your particular SURNAME. If you wish, we will also be happy to provide you with your own Ancestors listing.

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