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Clan Dalzell Septs

Dalzell Dalziel Detzell Deal Dalyell De'el Delezell Etal

Clan Davidson Septs

Davie Davis Dawson Dow MacDade Macdaid MacDavid Kay

Clan Donald Septs

Alexander Begg Burk Cook Crombie Donillson Dowall Gowrie Hewitson Hewitt Hughson Kellie Kelly MacA'Challies MacBeath MacCaishe MacCall MacCash MacCaul MacCeallaich MacCutchen MacDonald MacIlleriach MacIlreach MacIlrevie MacIlriach MacIlvride MacKellachie MacKellagh MacLardie MacLellan MacRurie MacShannachan MacSwan MacSwen MacSween Norie O'Drain O'Shaig O'Shannachan O'Shannaig Philipson Pitullich Ronald Ronaldson Sanderson

Clan Douglas Septs

Agnew Blalock Breckinridge Brown Brownlee Cavin Cavers Dickey Dickle Dick Drysdale Foster Glenn Glendinning Inglis Kidston Kilgore Kirk Kirkland Kilpratrick Lockerby Lockery Lochrie MacGuffey McKittrick Morton Sandiland Sandlin Soule Serrett Symington Young

Clan Donnachaidh Septs

Collier Cunnison Dobleson Donachy Inches MacConechy MacGlashan MacJames MacRobbie MacWilliam Roberts Stark Colyear Dobble Dobinson Duncanson Kynoch MacConich MacInroy MacLagan MacRobert Reed Robison Tonnochy Connichie Dobbin Dobson Dunnachie MacConachie MacConnochie MacIver MacCulich MacRoberts Reed Robson Conochie Doble Donachle Hobson MacConchie MacDonachie MacIvor MacOnachie MacRobie Robbie Roy

Clan Drummond Septs

Begg Beggs Brewer Brough Cargill Carrigle Child Childs Doak Dock Doig Drenn Drennan Drenn Drinnan Drimman Drimmen Drinnan Dryman Drynen Drymen Grewer Grimmond MacCrowder MacCrowder MacCrowther MacGrewar MacGrewer MacGrotie *MacGrottie MacGroty MacGrotty MacGrouter MacGrouther MacGruder MacGruer MacGruther MacGrithar MacRobie MacRobbie MacRoby MacRobby MacRuder MacStrawder Mashette Mushet Mushette Roberts

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