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Clan Cameron Septs

Cameron Chalmers Chambers Clark Clarke Clarkson Cleary Clerk Dowie Gibbon Gilbertson Kennedy Leary Lonbie Lonie MacAldowie MacAlonie MacChlerich MacChlery MacClair MacClerie MacGillery MacGillonie MacIldowie MacKail MacKell MacLear MacLeary MacLerie MacMartin MacOnie MacOstrich MacOurlic MacPhail MacSorley MacUlric MacUlrig MacVail MacWalrick Martin Paul Sorley Sorlie Taylor

Clan Campbell Septs

Ballantine Burnett Burns Caddell Calder Harris Hastings Loudon MacArthur MacConachie MacDiamond MacIver MacKeller MacKelvie MacKessock MacNichol MacTavish MacThomas Moore Muir Orr Pinkerton Thomas Thompson

Clan Carmichael Septs

Carmichal Carmichel Carmicheal Carmicle Carmchael Carmickle Carmickael Carmitchal Carmiggelt Karmiggelt Kermicle

Clan Chattan Septs

Cameron Cattanach Clark MacPhail MacTavish Farquharson MacBean MacGillivray MacGlashan MacHardie MacIntosh MacQueen Noble Shaw

Clan Cochrane Septs

Cochrane Cochran Coughran Cocheran Cockran Cockrum Cohran Cockram Corcoran

Clan Colquhoun Septs

Calhoun Cahoon Colquhoun Cowan Cowen Culchone Ingram Kilpatrick King Kirkpatrick Laing MacAchounich MacLintock MacMains MacManus MacOwan Maccowan MacClintock Gilmakessoc MacAuslan Camstradden Law Garscadden Ardincaple Dalglish Gilmour Kessog Potter Smollet Walker Luss Kessan Leckie

Clan Coville Septs

Coleville Colleville Colluyne Colville Colvillie Colvin Colvyll Colwil

Clan Cumming Septs

Buchan Comine Comyn Cummings MacNiven Niven Russell

Clan Cunningham Septs

Boyd Chancellor Coon Cooney Dunlop Dunlap Flack George Giffen Gunion Hackney Hair Hare Hairt Hemphill Paisley Powers Stair Stairs tarrett Steritt Stirrat Stirie Stirey Winchester Woodbur

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