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  — by Carol McGinnis
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-1937-110-260

            This offering is a condensed version of her classic book "Virginia Genealogy Sources and Resources".  The four-page laminated guide covers settlement, basic record sources,  major repositories and online resources.

Softcover - 4 pages (fold out)    Published 2012 by Genealogical Publishing
Cost: at this date — $8.95
Available from Genealogical Publishing

THANKS FOR MY JOURNEY:     A Holocaust Survivor's Story of Living Fearlessly
  — by Dr. Erica Miller
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-1937-110-260

            Born in Tshernovitz, Romania, Erica Miller was only seven years old when the Nazis forced her and her family into a holding camp in the Ukraine, where they remained for four harrowing years before being liberated. But their relief was cut short when they returned to their home and found it occupied by Russians. Only when her family immigrated to Israel was the author given the chance to escape the horrors of oppression and begin a new chapter in her life.

Softcover - 198 pages    Published 2012 by Emerald Book Col
Cost: at this date — $14.95
Available from Amazon.com

MY ANCESTOR WAS SCOTTISH:     A Guide to Sources for Family Historians
  — by Alan Stewart
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  9781907199134

            A comprehensive and indispensable guide to tracing Scottish ancestry, this book will help you get to grips with the differences and nuances of researching in Scotland, from civil registration and census returns, to parish registers and wills.

Softcover - 119 pages    Published 2012 by Society of Genealogists
Cost: at this date — 8.99 English Pounds
Available from Amazon.com

  — by Susan Kushner Resnick
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-8032-3610-3

            One morning in 1943, close to eighty men descended into the Smith coal mine in Bearcreek, Montana. Only three came out alive. Goodbye wifes and daughters . . . wrote two of the miners as they died. The story of that tragic day and its aftermath unfolds in this book through the eyes of those wives and daughters—women who lost their husbands, fathers, and sons, livelihoods, neighbors, and homes, yet managed to fight back and persevere.

            The author looks at the lives and deaths of the miners and the tragedy's impact on the town.  The title was taken from two lost miner's note.  It chronicles the hazards of post-World War II mining.

Softcover - 260 pages    Published by Bison 2011
Cost: at this date — $16.95
Available from University of Nebraska Press

MISSING LUCILLE:     Memories of the Grandmother I Never Knew
  — By Suzanne Berne
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-1565126251

            A novel where the author combines biography, history and mystery as she searches for her father's mother "missing" since she died  when her son was 6.  From a box of keepsakes, a few journal pages and 90-year-old photographic negatives, the author begins her journey.

Hardcover - 320 pages    Publisher Algonquin Books 2010
Cost: at this date — $18.68
Available from Amazon.com

  — By Bruce Durie
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  97807524640

            Discussing testaments, contracts, charters, land records, calendars, abbreviations, transcript conventions, and much more; Understanding Documents from Genealogy & Local History is the essential guide for family & local historians everywhere.  With 22 chapters covering resources from England, Scotland, and Wales, this detailed volume fills a much needed gap in genealogy publishing.

Softcover - 230 pages    Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2010
Cost: at this date — $19.95
Available from Amazon.com

OUR DAILY BREAD -     German Village Life 1500-1850
  — by Teva J. Scheer
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  145372169X

            Have you ever wondered what life was like in the villages where your German ancestors came from?  The book is filled with information, but fun to read because the author uses a fictitious family, the Mann s to explain major historical events and the everyday customs in these villages during 1500-1850.  Chapters include wars, religion, community structure, courtship and  marriage, inheritance, family life and emigration.

Softcover - 288 pages    Published February 2013
Cost: at this date — 17 UK lbs
Available from Amazon.com

IN SEARCH OF YOUR ASIAN ROOTS:     Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames
  — by Sheau-yeh J.Chao
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  0806349468

            The author presents a study of the most popular Chinese surnames. It is divided into three chapters;  One: History and general origin of Chinese names, Two: Analysis of 622 Chinese surnames and Three: an annotated bibliography.

Softcover - 323 pages    Published 2009 by Clearfield Publishers
Cost: at this date — $35.28
Available from Family Research

  — by Megan Smolenyak
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-0806534466

            Ms. Smolenyak has solved some of America s oldest and most fascinating genealogical mysteries. You've read the headlines; now get the inside story as the "Indiana Jones of Genealogy" reveals how she cracked her news-making cases, became the face of this increasingly popular field  and redefined history along the way. This book tells how she did it.

Softcover - 288 pages    Published 2012 by Citadel
Cost: at this date — $11.20
Available from Barnes & Noble

    3rd edition
  — by Val D. Greenwood
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  9780806316215

            In every field of study there is one book that rises above the rest in stature and authority and becomes the standard work in the field. In genealogy that book is Greenwood s Researcher s Guide to American Genealogy.

Softcover - 224 pages    Published 2000 reprinted 2005
Cost: at this date — $39.95
Available from Genealogical Publishing

  — by David R. Elliott
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  9781459703971

            No matter where they live, this book will help all those who are searching for ancestors in the Republic of Ireland and (Northern Ireland). The author gives clues to finding your ancestral county, then the parish and town land within the county. He explains how Irish archival centers work and describes how you can flesh out your ancestors' lives.

Softcover - 224 pages    Dundum Press 2012
Cost: at this date — $15.04
Available from Barnes and Noble

    Revised, Updated & Expanded
  — by Shirley J. Riemer, Roger P. Minert and Jennifer A. Anderson
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  0-96567661-6-1

            This work has been referred to as "the bible of German family history". It contains details on addresses; book, microfilm and microfiche numbers; gazetteers; churchbooks and inventories; chronologies; German indexes of family history information; German, Latin and French genealogy vocabularies; glossaries; numerous German correspondence aids; passenger arrival and departure records; help with the old German script; resource lists; German focused libraries and collections; special directories and more, all in English.

Softcover - 706 pages    3rd Edition
Cost: at this date — $28.99
Available from Lorelei Press

  — by George G. Morgan
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  9780071780841

            George G. Morgan, Family Tree Magazine's Document Detective has revised and updated the third edition of this guide. He shares sources and methods, gives examples and explains the basics evaluating genealogical evidence. This guide is suitable for beginners and intermediate level genealogists.

Softcover - 170 pages    3rd Edition
Cost: at this date — $15.99
Available from Barnes & Noble

    A Genetic Portrait of America
  — by Bryan Sykes
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  978-0-87140-0412-0

            The author, a genetics professor brings us another unique DNA study. In a twist on Alexis de Tocqueville, the author travels across America with DNA kits, meeting and swabbing scholars, celebrities and average folks. The results reveal the genetic makeup of our nation.

Hardcover - 384 pages    Published by Liveright Publishing 2012
Cost: at this date — $18.63
Available from Barnes & Noble

    15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History
  — by Barry J, Ewell
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  97815995483

            Each family history is different as are the stories of each ancestor. The research trail is equally unique for each family history. In this book the author shares his experiences in hope of helping other researchers make their path to research success just a little easier. This book serves as a research guide with examples from the author's experience with just enough encouragement to keep the reader going through tough times.

Softcover - 464 pages    2012 Cedar Fort Inc.
Cost: at this date — $18.80
Available from: Good Reads

    Search Your Roots; Discover Your Ancestors
  — by Christine Woodcock
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  (none provided)

            Scottish records are some of the easiest to access, but privacy laws prevent online access within certain timeframes (100 years or older for birth and census records, 75 years for marriage records, 50 years for deaths), making your desk-chair research a bit limited. The time is now to travel to Scotland to do your research on-site, Travel and spend time in the archives and get access to records not available on-line.

Softcover - 56 pages    Published 2012
Cost: at this date — $7.00 plus shipping
Available from the Author

    My Search for Roots and the Secrets in my DNA
  — by Richard Hill
Bookseller's listing
ISBN:  9781475190830

            This book is the first to chronicle the paradign-shifting application of genetic genealogy to adoption search. The author tells how DNA testing identified his deceased biological father and helped him reunite with his siblings.

Softcover - 260 pages    Published 2012
Cost: at this date — $14.41 plus shipping
Available from Amazon.com

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