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  • Abbreviations:
         Abbreviations found in Genealogy writings. Please note: The use of periods and capitalization may not be consistent in all sources.

  • Acronym Finder:
         Look up 138,000+ acronyms/abbreviations and their meanings. A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.

  • Ancestral Occupations (archaic):
         Please do not limit yourself to this source for occupations; you may wish to check them out at your local library. If you have occupations that you would like to list here, please send us E-mail!

  • Archiac Medical Terms:
         When searching for relatives you'll need to get the entire "picture". "She took to her bed with Rag-Picker's Disease." will suddenly make sense to you.

  • Blogs for Genealogy - Daily news, tips, and tutorials related to family history.

  • Disease Names:
         This set of terms is most often found on death certificates and is sometimes mentioned (without elaboration) in Ancesteral Charts.

  • English Monarch's Reign:
         Table of dates given in terms of the year of a monarch's reign.

  • Genealogy Books Online:
         searching for our ancestors by identifying and linking to the freely available digitized American biographies, genealogies and history books ... (website quote).

  • Glossary:
         A glossary of unusual words found in wills etc., followed by what is understood to be the meaning.

  • Heredity Societies:
         Links To Hereditary Societies. (We're working on our own page as well.)

  • Inflation Counter:
         This "calculator" adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2007. (Don't use any commas in the numbers...) This is a good tool for estimating the value of all those items left to anyone by your ancstors. Enjoy!

  • Languages:
         Click on link below.
            Scottish Dictionary - A "dictionary" of Scottish phrases and terms.

  • Legal Terms (past/present):
         Terms from Probate, from wills, land grants, deeds, adoptions, Social Security Records and many other sources. (a work-in-progress) Please visit again soon.

  • LDS Batch Numbers:
         Entries in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints International Genealogy Index - IGI - come from two major sources of information: Individual Submissions and the Name Extraction Program.

  • Map Room:
         A listing of maps of historical value to Genealogists and Historians alike. If you have websites you would like to add, then please send E-mail.

  • Nicknames:
         A listing of modern and historic nicknames for first (given) names for both Male and Female.

  • Personalities (Historical):
         Thoughts for our time from History.

  • Record symbols:
         Symbols used in various records (click on ethnic background for information... more will be added as we find them) -

    Genealogy RSS feeds - RSS is an abbreviation for "rich site summary" or "really simple syndication."

  • Relationships:
         A chart used by courts and most genealogical societies for accurate listing of your kinfolk.

  • Soundex Card Abbreviations:
         A short list of common Soundex cards abbreviations in use today for Family relatives, Professions and Trades.

  • Surname (Soundex) Coding:
         To search for a name it is necessary to first determine its Soundex code. Every Soundex code consists of a letter and three numbers, for example S655...

  • Table of Dates:
         Converts the old English system of "year of monarch's reign' to year A.D..

  • The War Room - North America:
         A list of Wars, dates began, dates ended, and the areas involved 1500 to 1900 - for Genealogists and History Buffs. Contains links to informative websites.

  • Translation Services:
         From English to selected foreign langues and visa versa. Click on links below.
            Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translation
            Google Translation (page or phrase)

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