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03 - 08 Aug, 2015
Genealogical ResearchInstitute of Pittsburgh
    — Presents a week of courses, including DNA, Genealogy and the Law, Finding African American Families and featuring Elissa Powell. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

15 - 16 Aug, 2015
Washington State Genealogical Society 2014 Conference
    — This conference will feature the best genealogical speakers in the northwest.  You will learn new methods and researcher destroy brick walls, and further research. Researchers will learn new methods and research strategies'.  Speakers will explain DNA and demonstrate to incorporate science into research.  Extensive workshops for individuals & societies will round out the conference. Byrnes Performing Arts Center, Arlington Washington

21 - 24 Aug, 2015
Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe
    — A convention for people of German origin interested in the genealogy, culture and history of their ancestors who migrated through Russia, Poland, Volhynia, and  surrounding  area. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

27 - 30 Aug, 2015
Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference
    — Genealogical lectures by nationally recognized speakers and regional experts. Exhibits providing access to genealogical materials and supplies Focus on Societies for organizational leadership training. San Antonio, Texas.

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