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Texas Cemetery Listings
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Updated: Thu, Mar 29, 2012
general state listings —
  • African American Cemeteries - Cemeteries Online.
  • Find A Grave - Browse Texas or perform a search.
  • - Cemetery Transcription Library.
  • International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - (Cemetery Project).
  • Political Graveyard - Burial places of deceased political figures.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project - Burial sites.

  • Cemetery Resident Listing - Multiple listings for various counties.
  • Historic Texas Cemeteries - Dedicated to Honoring, Recording and Protecting Historic
             Texas Cemeteries.
  • Texas - Cemeteries photographed (multiple Texas sites).
  • Texas Archives - Use this form to automatically create and send your ancestors photo
             or scanned documents to the TX Archives.
  • Find the County - Find the county where your town is located. (

  • Listings     (Counties)
    Andrews County —
  • Andrews County - Historic Texas Cemeteries.
  • Andrews County - Partial list (internments). Located in Andrews Township. (old)

  • Atascosa County - Historic Texas Cemeteries.

  • Austin County - Austin Cemeteries.

  • Bastrop County —
  • Bastrop County - Elgin Latin Cemetery Associan (Elgin Township)
  • Bastrop County - Elgin Latin Cemetery (Burial list)

  • Borden County —
  • Durham Cemetery - Transcriptions and photos.
  • Fairview Community Cemetery - Transcriptions and photos.
  • Gail Cemetery - Transcriptions and photos.
  • York Cemetery - Transcriptions and photos.

  • Cooke County —
  • Name Index - Burials in Cooke County Cemeteries (Texas Trails).
  • Cemetery Index - Transcriptions and photos (Texas Trails).

  • Crockett County - Cemeteries of Crockett County Texas.

  • Denton County —
  • Denton County Cemeteries - Cemetery inventories from the information on file with
             the Denton County Historical Commission.
  • Denton County Cemeteries - Cemeteries of TX Project.

  • Fort Bend County - County Death Records and Cemeteries.
  • Fulton County - Campbellton Baptist Church Cemetery.
  • Grayson County - County Line Cemetery (aka Eskew Cemetery).

  • Hall County —
  • In Memory - Lois Parks:  Fairview Cemetery, Memphis, TX.
  • North Fairview Cemetery - Cemetery internment inventories.

  • Hill County - Salem-Irene Cemetery (Irene, Texas) is just across the
             county line in Hill County but many residents of Navarro were also buried there.
  • Jack County - Multiple listings provided by Paul Smith.
  • Kleberg County - Cemeteries of Kleberg County Texas.
  • Lamar County - Cemeteries Search engine page.
  • Mills County - Cemeteries/Graveyards, transcriptions, photos, etc..

  • Montague County —
  • Name Index - Burials in Montague County Cemeteries (Texas Trails).
  • Cemetery Index - Transcriptions and photos (Texas Trails).

  • Parker County —
  • New Hope Cemetery - Adjacent to New Hope Baptist Church, Boyd, TX..
  • New Hope Cemetery - Photos.

  • Polk County Cemeteries - Multiple listings.

  • Tarrant County — (Fort Worth)
  • Cemeteries of Tarrant County Texas - Multiple listings & some photos.
  • Confederate Veteran Burials - Multiple listings & some photos.
  • Grapevine Cemetery - House of Proctor, photos.
  • Mount Olivet Cemetery - Fort Worth (photos).

  • Williamson County - Shiloh McCutcheon Cemetery Association:  an Official Historic Texas
             Cemetery, located near Hutto Township.
  • Young County - Old Belknap Town Cemetery Index. Transcriptions and photos (Texas Trails).
             Near Newcastle on FM 61.

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