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South Dakota Cemetery Listings
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Updated: Oct 1, 2010
general state listings —
  • African American Cemeteries - Cemeteries Online. No active link at this time.
  • Find A Grave - Browse South Dakota or perform a search.
  • - Cemetery Transcription Library.
  • International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - (Cemetery Project).
  • Political Graveyard - Burial places of deceased political figures.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project - Burial sites.

  • Find the County - Find the county where your town is located. (

  • Listings   (by county) —
    Aurora County —
  • Aurora County - County Cemeteries.
  • Aurora County - WPA graves registration project, dated 11-15-1940.

  • Beadle County —
  • Beadle County - Multiple Cemetery listings.
  • Beadle County - Churches & Cemeteries List.

  • Bennett County —
  • Bennett County - Multiple Cemetery listings.

  • Bon Homme County —
  • Bon Homme County - Emanual Creek Baptisten Kirche Cemetery.

  • Brookings —
  • Brookings County - A listing of county cemeteries. Note:  The city of Arlington is in
             Kingsbury County, while the Arlington Cemetery is across the road, in Brookings County.

  • Brookings County - Brookings County Cemeteries (a listing by the Brookings Area
             Genealogical Society.
  • Brookings County - listing of all known burials through 2001, (includes contact information).

  • Kingsbury County —
  • Johnson and Henry Funeral Home - Search engine for burials.
  • Obituary - George Lee Christensen.
  • Obituary - Hazel C. Christensen.
  • Obituary - Louise Christensen.

  • Lawrence County —
  • Lawrence County - Saint Amrose Cemetery (Deadwood Twp.).

  • Meade County —
  • Black Hills National Cemetery - Burial records.
  • Black Hills National Cemetery - Photographs.

  • Moody County —
  • Moody County - Multiple Cemetery listings.

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