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North Carolina Cemetery Listings
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general state listings —
  • African American Cemeteries - Cemeteries Online.
  • Find A Grave - Browse North Carolina or perform a search.
  • - Cemetery Transcription Library.
  • International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - (Cemetery Project).
  • Political Graveyard - Burial places of deceased political figures.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project - Burial sites.

  • Find the County - Find the county where your town is located. (

  • Listings   (by county) —
  • Alexander County - Cemeteries.
  • Anson County - Churches and Cemetery Records.
  • Avery County - Cemeteries.
  • Bertie County - Cemeteries.
  • Bladen County - Garden of Memories (Bush) Cemetery.
  • North Carolina - Cemetery Survey .
  • North Carolina - Fields of Honor.
  • North Carolina - Selected Cemetery listings.
  • Robeson County - Indian Cemeteries.
  • Rutherford County (Old Tyron County) - Multiple County Cemetery listings.
  • State of North Carolina - Cemetery Transcription Library (search by county)
  • Swain County - Digital Library (Cemeteries)
  • Wake County - Jeridan Cemetery.

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