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New Mexico Cemetery Listings
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Updated: 30-Jan-2013
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general state listings —
  • African American Cemeteries - Cemeteries Online.
  • Find A Grave - Browse New Mexico or perform a search.
  • - Cemetery Transcription Library.
  • International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - (Cemetery Project).
  • Political Graveyard - Burial places of deceased political figures.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project - Burial sites.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project of NM - A to H, I to P, Q to Z, Listed by County.

  • Find the County - Find the county where your town is located. (

  • Listings   (by county) —
  • Bernalillo County - Mount Calvary Cemetery.
  • Catron County —
  • Catron County - Quemado Community Cemetery.
  • Catron County - Pleasanton, Catron, New Mexico (Pleasanton Private Cemetery).
  • Catron County - Cemeteries, multipul listings.
  • Catron County - Cemeteries include:  Alma Cemetery, Apache Creek Cemetery, Big Dry Creek
             Cemetery, Cooney Cemetery, Divide Cemetery, Glenwood Cemetery, Kelley Cemetery,
             Mogollon Cemetery, Pie Town Cemetery, Quemado Cemetery, Reserve Cemetery, Tres
             Lagunas Cemetery, Tularosa Cemetery, WS Ranch Cemetery.

  • Cemeteries & History of S.E. New Mexico - Cemeteries.
  • Welcome to Tombstone Transcription Project of New Mexico - Bernalillo to Valencia
             Counties (some are linked).

  • Grant County - Grant County New Mexico Death and Cemetery Records.

  • Harding County - Solano Cemetery, Solano.
  • Hildago County - Cemeteries List.
  • Hildago County - Middle Animas Cemetery.

  • Los Alamos County - Guaje Pines Cemetery Map.
  • Luna County - Mountain View Cemetery

  • San Juan County - Greenlawn Cemetery (Farmington).

  • Tombstones - New Mexico Tombstones site. (ALHN)

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