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California Cemetery Listings
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general state listings —
  • African American Cemeteries - Cemeteries Online.
  • - State Cemetery listings.
  • Find A Grave - Browse California or perform a search.
  • - Cemetery Transcription Library.
  • International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - (Cemetery Project).
  • Political Graveyard - Burial places of deceased political figures.
  • Saving Graves - California Cemeteries.
  • Tombstone Transcription Project - Burial sites.

  • Find the County - Find the county where your town is located. (

  • Listings   (by county) —
  • Alameda County - Livermore Twp.:   Multiple Cemetery listings
  • Amador County - Pioneer Cemeteries.
  • Butte County - Cemetery Records.
  • Calaveras County - County Cemeteries and more.
  • Colusa County - Cemetery Inscriptions of Colusa County, California (multiple volumes).

  • contra costa county —
  • Contra Costa County - County cemeteries.
  • Contra Costa County - Pacheco Cemetery.
  • Contra Costa County - Martinez Twp.:   Alhambra Cemetery.

  • kern county —
  • Kern County - Goler Twp.:   Goler Cemetery, Homestead and Mine.
  • Kern County - Johannesburg Twp.:   Rand District Cemetery.

  • Lake County - Cemeteries online at California Tombstone Transcription Project

  • San Francisco county —
  • San Francisco County - County Cemeteries.
  • San Francisco County - A list of Persons Who Died as a Result of the Great Earthquake
             and Fire in San Francisco on April 18, 1906.

  • los angeles county —
  • Los Angeles County - Celebrity biographies and gravesite photos from
             Hollywood Remains to Be Seen.
  • Los Angeles County - Beneath Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles Jewish Cemeteries - A list of Jewish Cemeteries in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles County - Hollywood Forever (Formerly Hollywood Memorial Park).
  • Los Angeles - Seeing Stars: Final Resting Places of the Stars.

  • Nevada County - The Goldrush, Historic Cemeteries
  • San Deigo County - Oceanside Twp.:   All Saints Church and Cemetery.
  • San Joaquin County - Stockton Twp.  : Temple Israel Cemetery.

  • san mateo county —
  • San Mateo County - Colma Twp.  ; Almost the entire city of Colma is a Cemetery.
  • San Mateo County - Redwood City Twp.:   Union Cemetery.
  • San Mateo County Cemetery Records - 1899—2011

  • Santa Clara County - San Jose Twp.:   Oakhill Memorial Park.
  • Santa Barbara County - County Cemeteries.
  • Santa Cruz County - Evergreen Historical Cemetery.
  • Siskiyou County - Siskiyou Cemeteries Centralå.

  • sanoma county —
  • Sonoma County - death records, 1873-1905.
  • Sonoma County - Index to Cemetery Records 1846-1921.

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