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Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin
         "The Brothertown are descendants of the Pequot and Mohegan (Algonquian-speaking) tribes that originally inhabited New England. They became a separate entity when seven English-speaking and Christian Indian communities joined together and moved to central New York on lands granted to them by the Oneida Indians in 1774. Almost immediately they were pressured to move west. They purchased 23,040 acres along the Fox River near Kaukauna, Wisconsin. The U.S. government negotiated an exchange for an equal amount of land along Lake Winnebago. On March 3, 1839 Congress made the Brothertowns citizens and individual owners of the tribal land. Today there are over 2,200 Brothertown Indians". - quote from the website.

Indian Country Wisconsin
         Indian Country Wisconsin is a project of the Milwaukee Public Museum funded by Ameritech. It is designed primarily to assist teachers in meeting the requirements of Wisconsin Educational Act 31 which mandates kindergarten through grade 12 instruction in culture, history, sovereignty, and treaty rights of Wisconsin Indian tribes.

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
         "The Menominee Tribe's history is unique because our origin or creation begins at the mouth of the Menominée River, a mere 60 miles east of our present Menominee Indian Reservation. This is where our five clans: ancestral Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Moose, and Crane were created. Not many tribes in this region can attest to the fact their origin place exists close or near to their present reservation. This is where our history begins. Explore and feel the history of the Menominée Indian Tribe from past to present". - quote from the website.

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
         "For centuries prior to the American Revolution, the Oneida Nation controlled millions of acres of dense forests, beautiful lakes and rivers abundant with game and resources that provided their people with prosperous livelihoods". Oneida villages were constructed of multi-family longhouses which were protected by surrounding palisades. Within these walls dwelled entire communities complete with sophisticated agricultural beds.". - quote from the Website

Stockbridge Munsee Tribe of Mohican Indians
         "According to tradition, Mohican history says that a great people came from the north and west. They crossed the waters where the land almost touched. The people inhabited these lands for many years, leaving settlements behind when they moved on. It is said that they were looking for a place where the waters were never still, like the land from which they originally came". "After a long journey, these people settled in the east. In time, they divided into different groups and dialects. The oldest of these, the Muh-he-con-ne-ok or Mahicans, lived along the Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk, later called Hudson's River. The waters of this river are never still because of the influence of the tides. There they lived, forming a great Mahican Confederacy, for several hundreds of years before the arrival of white men. The area they inhabited included land south of what is now called Lake Champlain, west to Scoharie Creek, east to Vermont and New Hampshire and south to Manhattan Island.". - quote from the Website

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