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Indians of Texas
For millennia, various tribes of Native Americans occupied the region that is now Texas. A very brief overview of the major tribes that existed at the time of the first European exploration. In addition to these native Texas tribes, numerous others entered east Texas in the early part of the nineteenth century. They came as refugees from the increasingly populated areas east of the Mississippi.

Texas Band of Choctaw Indians (Mount Tabor Community)
Multiple listings for this Band of Choctaw.

Texas Indians
"APACHES-Buffalo-hunting Plains Indians; CADDOS-East Texas village farmers; JUMANOS-West Texas hunters and traders; TONKAWAS-Central Texas hunter-gatherers; COAHUILTECANS-South Texas hunter-gatherers; ATAKAPANS- Upper Gulf Coast hunter-gatherers; TARABUEYES-Grande pueblo farmers; KARANKAWAS-Lower Gulf Coast hunter-gatherers". - from the Website

Titskanwatitch Tribe of Texas
"Tonkawa, Karankawa, and Lipan Apache..... Gather the people and spread the word! The time has come for the Titskanwatitch to come out of hiding! If you are descended from a member of the 11 bands of Tonkawa that remained in Texas, the Karankawa that survived the massacre, or the Lipan Apache (T'N De) that allied and blended with the Tonkawa, contact the Tribe for details concerning membership. There are approximately 40,000 of us in Texas". - from the Website

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