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Ohio History Center
         Ohio's Historic Indians - Timelines, Tribes, Lifestyle, Periods, Events, Documents, Places, People, Images, Maps and Artifacts are just a few of the interesting data contained in this website.

Original Inhabitants, Avon, Ohio
         During the last ice age, 15,000 years ago, Asia and North America were connected near the Bering Sea by a 1,000 mile wide grassy plain. Hunters followed herds of large game animals across the land bridge to spread over North America during the next ten centuries. These people were named 'Clovis Point People' by archeologists because their distinctive stone tools were first found in Clovis, New Mexico. Descendants of the Clovis People moved south and east of the Bering Strait eventually reaching Lake Erie.

Ottawa Indians
         Ottawa Indians"The Ottawa Indians originally lived along the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. They moved into northern Ohio circa 1740. They were part of the Algonquian Indians and are thus related to the Delaware, Miami, and Shawnée Indians. They were enemies of the Iroquois Indians and never really trusted the Wyandot Indians because they were related to the Iroquois." - quote from the web site.

Story of the Shawanoes
         Old Chief Black-hoof has told us that our tribe came from the great salt water, where Ke-sath-wa [the sun] came out of the Kitch-e-ca-me [lake] in the morning, and hid in the Me-to-quegh-ke [forest] at night...

Shawnee Indians
         "The Shawnee Indians were living in the Ohio Valley as early as A.D. 1660, but the Iroquois were not willing to share these rich hunting grounds and drove the Shawnées away. Some went to Illinois and others went to other areas. As the power of the Iroquois weakened, the Shawnée Indians moved back into Ohio from the south and the east. They settled in the lower Scioto River Valley." - quote from the website

Wyandot Tribe
         "The Wyandot Indians originally lived in southern Ontario. They are related to the Iroquois Indians, but were attacked by the Iroquois Confederacy and driven from their homeland. Some came to live in northern Ohio. They built their main villages in Wyandot, Marion, and Crawford counties, but they lived across northern Ohio as far south as Ross County." - quote from the website

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