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Apache People (Jicarilla and Mescalero)
         Various Apache peoples (including the Navajo) came from the Far North to settle the Plains and Southwest after AD 1000 in three desert regions (Great Basin, Sonoran and Chihuahuan). The word Apache is most likely derived by the Spanish from a Zuni word meaning "enemy." - quoted from the web site.

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
         Laboratory of Anthropology - "As the major repository for anthropological and archaeological research materials for New Mexico and the greater Southwest, the Laboratory is charged with preservation, conservation, and curation of invaluable collections which are a central part of the cultural heritage of the region and its indigenous communities. The museum has extensive holding of various types" - The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture

Pueblo Indians of New Mexico
         "When the expedition of Panfilo de Narvaez was shipwrecked off the gulf of Florida, three survivors began trekking across the southern gulf states, to Arizona, and finally to Mexico City. They brought with them tales of cities of gold. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was chosen to lead an Entrada into Nueva Tierra. He sent out an advance party under the supervision of Fray Marcos de Nizas which included Cabeza de Vaca's black slave Estevanico who had been shipwrecked with de Vaca. Esteban "the Moor" reached the largest of the Zuni villages, Hawiku, and sent back word to Fray Marcos that he had found the Seven Cities of Gold." - Bernadett Charley Gallegos

Zuni Indians
         Zuni Indians"The Zuni are a tribe that lives in northern New Mexico near the Arizona border. They are one of several tribes of Pueblo Indians. According to the 1990 United States census, there are about 8,000 Zuni. Many tribal members live in the pueblo village of Zuni, which the tribe has inhabited since about A.D. 1000. Many Zuni are farmers. The Zuni are known for their silver, coral, and turquoise jewelry. Many Zuni live in traditional houses of stone. Others live in modern houses" - quoted from the web site.

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