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         Selections also include:   Reservation Maps, Welcome, Visiting a Reservation, History, SBC Native American Churches, Dr. Jack Coward - Coordinator of Language Resources, Blackfeet Reservation, Crow Reservation, Flathead Reservation, Fort Belknap Reservation, Fort Peck Reservation, Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Rocky Boy's Reservation, Native American Pictures, Blackfeet Pictures.

Blackfeet Nation
         "Oki", and welcome to the official site of the Blackfeet Nation. This Site offers information about our Tribal Government, Tribal Departments and our history and Culture so please enjoy your stay and please sign our guest book and if you have any comments please e-mail our Webmaster" - quoted from the web site.

Kalispel Indians
         "The Kalispel Indians once occupied a long and narrow territory, which stretched from the Flathead lake of Montana, through Idaho, and into nearby Washington state. The Kalispel were also part of Canada, like many of their linguistic relatives, since a small part of their western lands extended north into the Salmo river of what is now southern Canada." - quoted from the web site.

Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council
         Northern Arapaho, Blackfeet, Crow, Chippewa Cree, Fort Belknap, Fort Peck, Little Shell, Northern Chyenne, Salish & Kootenai, Eastern Shoshone

Native Americans Along the Mississippi River
         "In Illinois a farmer is plowing his field. His tractor goes back and forth. In the middle of his field is a great mound of earth. It must have been there a long time, for big trees and bushes are growing on it. The farmer has never plowed across the mound. Neither has anyone else. No one knows what is inside this strange hill, but its shape suggests it was made by humans. There are thousands of such mounds, from the Mississippi River Valley east to the Atlantic, and from Wisconsin south to the Gulf of Mexico." - quote from the web site.

The Mississippi River Basin
         The Watersheds of the Mississippi River Basin Map

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